00S Heardle ( Aug 2022 ) – Information about the game

This 00S Heardle post teaches the reader about Heardle, its rules, and today’s song.

Did you know about the Heardle game? Heardle is a song guessing contest. It started by taking from the 1960s list, but it has recently added other decades to its song list. It is a website-based puzzle where you can guess the song. This game is making news worldwide.

Learn more about the 00S Heardle today.

Information about the game

After Wordle, the popularity of Heardle grew. Wordle allows you to guess the word each day. Heardle, on the other hand is a game where you have to guess the correct song. You can only play it once a day, and you can share your answers on social media.

People were thrilled to learn that there were many guesses about today’s hearle. 00S Heardle today,there were many guesses, including the Say So and Raise your glasses by well-known musicians, but they are not the correct answer.

Therefore, Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones is the right answer to today’s Heardle.

There were many guesses, but most of them were wrong. It is possible to avoid this by understanding the basic rules and the hints. This allows you to make intelligent guesses, and work towards the right answer.

Tips for the Heardle

Many clues and hints for the Heardle audience are posted every day that the Heardle goes up. The clues were also available in today’s 00S Heardle . Even though it was difficult to guess, many people were unable to guess correctly. Moving forward, there are rules and hints that must be followed. Are you confident that you can guess the right answer? Continue reading to find out if you have the right answer.

Below are the clues

  • Samba Rock is the genre of this song
  • 1968 was the release date for the album.
  • Beggars Banquet was the album that featured this track.
  • Guns N’ roses’ cover version was a huge hit.

00S Heardle

It is obvious that it can be difficult to understand the rules and clues of the game, and then get the right answer. For a better understanding, the rules of the game can be found below.

  • You have six chances to guess which song it is.
  • Every wrong guess gets a cross
  • The intro to the song must be listened to by the player for 60 seconds
  • Incorrect or skipped answers will result in more songs
  • It is important to be as concise and direct as possible.


00S Heardle has provided all information about the song guessing game Heardle, and how to play it. It also contains the clues and answers to today’s hearle.


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