8-year-old boy mauled and beheaded by crocodile in front of his parents?

A 8-year old boy was mauled to death by an enormous crocodile while playing in a river close to his Costa Rica home.

Julio Otero Fernandez was the young victim. The reptile then decapitated him, before dragging him to the Matina River in Limon, where he would never be seen again.

Unidentified hunters shot and killed a crocodile near the child’s death on Saturday, almost a month later. The locals discovered that the stomach of the animal contained strands and bones fragments, which they believed belonged to Julio.

The 8-year old was on a fishing trip with his family, his four siblings, and other relatives when he was struck by lightning.

Julio was knee-deep in river water when the large crocodile approached him at 2 p.m. Oct. 30.

An eyewitness said that the child was shaken and his head was ripped off. “Then it grabbed his head and pulled him under.”

Margini Fernandez Flores and Don Julio Otero, Julio’s parents watched helplessly as their son was savaged.

Otero stated that the hardest thing for his wife was watching the crocodile go with her son’s body.

According to the dad, the predator was still holding his child’s corpse in its jaws more than an hour after initial contact. According to La Nacion, he claimed that the predator had resurfaced more than an hour later, still holding his child’s body in its jaws.

Otero stated that he felt abandoned by authorities. “An animal is more valuable than a human being. That’s how I feel.”

Four years ago, the couple moved their family from Nicaragua to Costa Rica to work in a banana plantation.

They are planning to return home with their four children, aged between 3 and 16, in order to protect them from crocodiles. Crocodiles are protected animals in Costa Rica.

Flores, Julio’s mother, stated that she would not remain there because they protect the animals and are capable of attacking more people.

The weekend’s killing of the crocodile is still unknown. After shooting the reptile, the hunter fled from the scene. This is a crime in the Caribbean country.

Julio’s mother confirmed that hair and bones were found in the carcass of a dead crocodile.

“The animal has been killed. Flores stated that it was a relief to him that the animal had been killed. “I wish they would all kill them so that no one has to suffer such pain ever again.”

The remains of the human body were given to local authorities for DNA testing.


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