A rare copy of the first printing of US constitution is going up for auction – Read Full Details!

A very rare copy of the US constitution in its first edition will be up for grabs when it is auctioned by Sotheby’s New York. It will go on sale December 13. The printed copy, which is one of two copies remaining in print, is one of America’s most important publications. It will be up for auction.

According to the auction house, the copy was expected to sell for between $ 20 million and $30 million. Sotheby’s described the copy as “extremely rare” and said it has never been sold at auction in more than 125 years.

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The original was displayed at Stanford University 35 years ago.

Richard Austin, Sotheby’s global head for books and manuscripts, stated that the unprecedented sale result for the Constitution in November was an inspiring moment. It signified not only the rarity of first printing copies available for private ownership but also the lasting importance and influence the Constitution has on our daily lives over 200 years.

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The official title of this copy is “The Official Edition of Constitution, the First Printing of Final Text of Constitution”.

Privately-owned copy of the other copy was sold last year for record $43.2 million.


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