Advantages of Earning Cisco CCNP Data Center Certification

Cisco accreditations provide proof of one having attained specialized adroitness in varying fields. One of the designations most candidates strive to get is the Cisco Data Center. It offers proof of one’s expertness regarding networking solutions in relation to data center, which include network, storage network, and automation. Others are compute, security, management & operations, and skills related to executing CCNA Certification  (Application Centric Infrastructure).

This post sheds light on critical matters concerning the accreditation and how one can accomplish it. Also, the reasons for gaining it will be captured.

How to Accomplish the Certification?

The CCNP Data Center designation demands passing two exams. One is core while the other one is picked from the category called concentration. 

Concerning the 300-420 ENSLD , it appraises your awareness about executing core technologies for data center. You register by paying $400, which includes taxes depending on your location. And you will be given 2 hours to complete this test. 

The other six evaluations for the CCNP Data Center designation, where you need to pick one, include: 300-610 DCID, 300-615 DCIT, 300-620 DCACI, 300-625 DCSAN, 300-630 DCACIA, and 300-635 DCAUTO exams. Each concentration test appears in English and goes for 1.5 hours. Candidates are to pay $300 to register, and this is inclusive of taxes depending on where you’re located. 

Reasons to Gain CCNP Data Center Accreditation 

Below, you will find why many candidates strive to get the 300-425 ENWLSD accreditation and how it can help you in your professional life:

  • Boosts your resume

There are three main issues potential employers check on an employee’s resume. They are the education level, skills, as well as work experience. If you have a degree and the CCNP Data Center accreditation, you’ll be more qualified, as it ensures you’re a valuable asset to your employer.

  • Possible job growth

Promotions, salary increase, and bonuses can easily come your way after getting Devnet Associate Certification certified. Employers prefer employees who go beyond expectations. The certification is an indication of your more advanced skills in the data center sphere. When you can handle your job tasks well and any other challenges, it’s possible to receive a promotion as well as a salary increase. For you to know, the certified professionals in data center earn about 300-430 ENWLSI per year.

  • You can work internationally

With a CCNP Data Center designation, you can work in any part of the world where your IT skills are required. Countries like the UK, Devnet 200-901 DEVASC , Nigeria, and more have industries that are growing in the area of IT, making your skills acceptable globally.

ConclusionAccomplishing the 300-430 ENAUTO requires you to follow a laid down path. You must demonstrate your capacity in the needed technologies by excelling in the two expected tests. Ensure to renew it every three years as required so that your expertise stays current and enjoy the benefits it brings to you.

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