Aldi Facebook Scam – The Facebook scam of Aldi?

Aldi does not require any introduction because it is a retailer that has more than 10K stores over twenty countries that include Australia and in the United Kingdom, and the United States. Aldi is a supermarket chain with an enormous turnover and is regarded as one of the top names for shopping.

In the year it will turn 75 in 2021 scammers profit from it and are circulating fake Facebook posts claiming that they will reward customers who share, commented and liking the post as event of celebrating the 75th Anniversary.

The scammers targeted a lot of individuals through an Aldi Scam on Facebook in the month of December 2020, and then at the close of March 2021.

The Facebook scam of Aldi?

Aldi has celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2021. Fraudsters are planning to launch frauds under the name of the retailer chain. They’re creating and spreading fraudulent posts and posts on Facebook under their name as the brand.

The fraudulent Facebook post claims to reward regular customers of this chain supermarket for sharing and commenting the post. The post states that the brand will offer grocery items worth $75 and an amount of $25 in gift coupons which they can use while purchasing at Aldi.

After an analysis, it’s determined that the message is a fraud.

What is HTML0? Aldi Facebook Scams are Involved?

Since Aldi supermarket has celebrated its 75th anniversary, fraudsters have been circulating fake Facebook posts and contacting loyal customers with appealing incentives and gifts.

The fraudulent Facebook post states that it will offer grocery vouchers worth $75 as well as gift cards for people sharing the message and make a comment on the post. They are advised to click on a fake link to claim their reward.

If they click this link, users are directed to a suspicious website to give their personal information and other private information. Once they have entered the details they are hacked and later used to commit fraud actions.

In this manner fraudsters are perpetrating fraud by committing the Aldi fraud on the Facebook. If you see fake social media posts avoid them because they’re scams that could induce you to complete surveys, where you could fall prey to fraudsters.

What do people have A to say?

After reviewing Aldi’s official Facebook pages of Aldi We found that the company is conscious about this Facebook Scam. The brand shared a post on their social media to inform consumers of the scam and to remind users to be vigilant. They urged people to not click on any suspicious websites.

In the same article, users reacted and shared their responses and claimed to be aware. Many claimed they fell victim to the Aldi Social Media Scam after they accidentally clicked the link, and led to a different site.

The Conclusion Thoughts

Aldi is a retailer that has multiple stores in 20 countries. It will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2021. Thus, fraudsters profit from it and tricking people into buying false Facebook post.

The Aldi Facebook Scam is a scam that lures people with attractive offers and free food items upon sharing, posting comments, or clicking on suspicious links.

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