All About Pool Deck Equipment

An in-ground and above-ground pool must have good quality pool deck equipment. The most common deck equipment is pool handrails, ladders, diving boards, lifts and water slides. Without good-quality handrails and ladders, entering and exiting the pool is difficult. It would help if you also had a good quality diving board and slides for safe diving and swimming. 

Therefore, when you install deck equipment, you improve the pool’s security and overall aesthetics. When investing so much money in a swimming pool, deck equipment must not be neglected.

Following is a discussion on the functions of different deck equipment and why you must install them in your pool.


All inground and above-ground pools have a means of entry. Usually, you get a sloped entryway or built-in steps in residential in-ground pools, so you need sturdy handrails. Most pool handrails are attached to the pool’s floor and the deck with a bolt system or wedge anchor to tighten the handrail.

So, inspect where the handrail is anchored to the deck and pool during installation. You can also tighten it if necessary. This way, you can avoid any serious injury caused by a loose handrail during its use.  


A pool ladder is one of the most important accessories for pools. Ladders are attached to the deck and hang over the pool’s edge and down for a few feet. The ladders must be supported by high-quality handrails secured to the deck on one end and the pool’s wall on the other. 

However, make sure to carry out regular inspections post installation to be safe. 

Driving boards

The thrill of jumping into the pool from a diving board is unparalleled. However, if you misuse the boards, it could cause severe injuries. So, safety should be the topmost priority. 

When installing a diving board, ensure the pool is deep enough for safe dives. It should ideally be at least 11.5 feet deep and 40 feet long. Also, the board must have a non-skid coating and no signs of wear or damage. So, if you find cracks or any form of wear, you need to replace them immediately.

Water slides

Water slides are fun and can be a great addition to your deck. The necessary depth for water slides varies according to the person’s height, the pool’s size and the type of slide you’re using. Before buying, check the manufacturer’s instructions. 

A slide ending within 3 inches into the water of 2-3 feet depth is enough for swimmers under 48 inches. But taller swimmers require 3.5-4 feet of water. Moreover, steeper slides need a water depth of about 11.5 feet.

Slides are a safer alternative to dive boards and require lesser water depth. Although, it is only safe if installed correctly. So, look for signs of damage and stop using them until the damage is fixed.

Pool lifts

Pool lifts are a comparatively newer addition to swimming pools. A pool lift has a seat standing out of the water, which can lift people who cannot access pool ladders or steps and enable them to get off and enjoy swimming.

While not all pools require lifts, you can install them to increase the convenience of using the pool for your loved ones with special needs.   

No matter what pieces of equipment you choose, don’t forget to go through the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully. You can be injured severely if the pool equipment is not correctly installed. Also, inspect them regularly to ensure you are not using damaged equipment. Therefore, you can enjoy the equipment for several years with proper installation and maintenance.  


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