Almug Definition ( may 2022 ) – Wordle 338 Answer and Clues

For clues, see the Almug definition article. To learn more about Wordle, please read the entire article.

Another Wordle answer for the morning. Did you try to find the five lettered Wordle words 339? Are you looking for the answer? You’re in the right place to solve the puzzle.

Wordle is loved by a large number of Americans. Wordle’s popularity has made it a worldwide phenomenon. This can lead to addiction for players. Today’s article will attempt to find the answer using clues that may be close to the Almug definition.

Wordle 338 Answer and Clues

The puzzle’s solution is somewhat tricky and requires some brain-twisting. Let’s look at the clues and find the solution to Wordle 339. The answer is “ALBUM”. Almug is the word closest to the guess, not the album. Almug refers to the Bible word that Solomon used to make musical instruments.

Players try to make the word out of the words they know. It is disappointing for them to see the grey boxes. Here are some tips: You can find the Almug Definition above.

These are Wordle 339’s clues.

  • The five-lettered word “M” contains the letter “M”.
  • Two vowel letters make up the word.
  • The word begins with the letter A
  • The noun is music storage and sourcebook.

What is the definition of word? Maybe almud? Online players search for the word everywhere.

What’s Wordle?

Wordle is an online word game where you can guess the title of the game. Wordle is an online game by New York Times. Word lovers will find enough pleasure in the game trying to guess the correct word.

Almug Definitionis a word that was used by players to solve yesterday’s puzzle. Josh Wardle is the one who develops the game. Every new puzzle will be published at midnight.

How do you play Wordle?

Let’s get to grips with Wordle’s rules.

  • To solve the puzzle, you must fill in five letters within the box.
  • You can only guess the correct answer six times.
  • Each guess will result in a color change in the box.
  • The green colour is correct, while the yellow color is wrong.

Spinoff for Amug Definition Wordle:

Many games are available online that are based on Wordle. Let me introduce Spelling Bee, another Wordle game.

Spelling Bee Each player has six chances to guess five letters. It looks like a hexagonal puzzle. New York Times also publishes this game.


The Wordle 339 Answer clues have been provided to you. Use the information in this article to help you crack the Wordle 339 answer. These are the rules of Wordle gameplay.


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