Are You Using The Right Adult Diaper?

Adult diapers are the best for those unable to control their urinary functions or bowel movements. Adult diapers are a blessing for older adults who face these issues and have no help at hand. They are also extremely useful for those who are caretakers and need to look after older adults with incontinence issues. 

Adult diapers are used for postpartum as well to help with bleeding after giving birth, as adult diapers are more suited for this purpose than sanitary napkins. 

The best adult diapers use cotton padding and a mesh-like outer cover made with cotton that helps in converting them into wearable designs. They can be easily put on and taken off with the help of elastic that is present in the diaper or tapes that help secure the diaper in place. 

Why use Adult Diapers?

Adult diapers are extremely important to maintain hygienic conditions for older adults who cannot take care of themselves during bowel movements or bladder control. Adult diapers are extremely easy to use, unlike cloth diapers or other padding material, which requires instant cleaning and changing after each usage. 

Adult diapers offer comfort and provide independence for those patients who are otherwise healthy but have issues with continence. For such patients, they can simply switch to adult diapers to enhance and control their bladder and bowel movements without panicking. 

There are many situations where a patient needs to use adult diapers. Some are mentioned below:

  1. Incontinence

As discussed, adult diapers are one of the best ways to cope with incontinence issues. Incontinence may occur due to muscle weakness and losing out on nerve sensations due to age, accidents, surgery, or other factors. 

General weakness of the pelvic floor can also cause incontinence in men and women. The most common cause is usually aging and muscle weakness of the urinary bladder, urethra, urinary ducts or pelvic floor muscles.

  1. Surgery

After surgery, most people experience weakness and cannot control their bladder or bowel. Some people have catheters inserted in their urinary tract, which can cause incontinence for a few days after removal. 

In such cases, adult diapers are the best way to cope with the leaking of urine or bowel movements due to lack of control. Patients in a coma are sometimes put on adult diapers if there is no need to put them on catheters or other medical devices. 

  1. Postpartum

Many women experience postpartum incontinence and therefore are put on adult diapers. It also doubles up as a sanitary napkin as new mothers bleed for a few weeks after giving birth, expelling all the blood and tissues previously held in the uterus. In addition, the best adult diapers offer all-around protection and help prevent leakage and staining due to bleeding during this period. 

Choosing the Right Diaper

Choosing the right diaper is important as there are a couple of patterns in the market, such as pant-style diapers, tape-style diapers etc. Pant-style diapers are more suited for those with enough motor function to put them on and off. 

The tape-style is better for bedridden patients. Choosing the right size is very important as too tight can cause rashes or redness on the skin, whereas too loose can cause fluids to leak out and make a mess. Choose a good brand of diapers that can prevent leakage.


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