Beldium.Com Reviews – Is Beldium Legit?

Do you want to purchase stylish watches for women online in Canada Do you want to purchase personalized jewelry with your initials or name? Do you want jewelry that fits your style? You can find unique jewelry on many websites at huge discounts. Before you buy, read customer reviews.

Let’s now read Review about an internet jewelry store.

Brief: sells 46 accessories and jewelry for men and women, including:

  • 7 Watches,
  • 5 Rings,
  • 18 Necklaces,
  • 11 Chains
  • 4 Customized jewelry

Copy of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy were taken from multiple websites. is a scam due to its low Trust Score, Business Ranking, Alexa Rank and Alexa Rank. was launched seven months ago. It has a very short life expectancy. also did not provide any information about the company or its mission. Furthermore, did not include any information about its business and mission.

Features determining Is Legit:

  • Buy jewelry at:
  • Social media links:unspecified on Beldium
  • Price: between $99.99 and $359.99
  • Physical Address at Beldium:unspecified
  • Customer Reviews and Blogs:not supported By Beldium.
  • Terms & Conditions:Plagiarized by Beldium.
  • Privacy policy:Plagiarized by Beldium.
  • Phone number (or) Whatsapp number:unspecified at Beldium
  • Store locatorBeldium didn’t have a store locator.
  • FAQ and Help: not specified on Beldium
  • Delivery Policy:unspecified at Beldium
  • Shipping Policy:unspecified at Beldium
  • Cancellation Policy: Beldium does not support cancellation.
  • Tracking:not available on Beldium.
  • Return Policy:Beldium allows returns up to 30 days.
  • Restocking Fee:unspecified at Beldium
  • reviews Refunds Policy: Beldium didn’t mention the time frame for refund or mode of repayment.
  • Email address to[email protected]
  • Payment Mode:via Amex or ApplePay, Dinners Clubs, Discover, MasterCard, ShopPay and Visa in USD.
  • Newsletters: Supported by Beldium


  • offers discounts up to 17%
  • has jewelry in gold, silver, and black clours of varying lengths and sizes
  • included images of various clours of jewelry as well as a general description.


  •’s user interface is poor and does not offer any sorting, filtering or searching options.
  • The specifications of jewelry were not provided by the website, as described in Review
  •’s poor inventory control and logic allow customers to order unlimited quantities of the same item.
  • Shipping, delivery and other important policies are not specified on does not specify these policies.
  • It is difficult to reach customer support as the address and contact number are not specified.
  • ShopPay and GPay are the only options available during checkout
  • Many of the items on sale are out-of-stock

Is Beldium Legit?

  • Beldium Creation: 13th Nov 2021 at 20.13:55
  • Beldium Age Seven Months and Twenty-One Days.
  • Beldium. Last update on: 13th Nov 2021 at 20.13:56
  • Beldium Expiry 13th Nov 2022 at 20.13:55. Accounted to verify Is Legal?
  • Beldium life expectancy isexpires in four months and nine weeks
  • Trust Index – Beldium has a horrible Trust Rank of 8%
  • Business RankingBeldium has a below-average Business Rank at 42.7%
  • Origin:Beldium was registrated in Canada
  • Status Blacklisting: Beldium has not been blacklisted.
  • SSL Statusits IP 22.327.38.32 has an SSL certificate valid for the next 37.
  • Threat Profile19%
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 13%.
  • Phishing Score19%
  • Malware Score14%
  • Spam Score1%
  • Contact person at Beldium:unspecified
  • Connection Security:Beldium uses the HTTPS protocol.
  • Social relations: Beldium does not appear on any social media platforms.
  • Review Owner’s Contact and Identity:Beldium owner contact details and identity are censored by Domains By Proxy, LLC.

Customer Reviews: has a low Alexa rank of 3,464,169. Five reviews on the website suggest it is a scam.

Reddit customer blogs revealed that accepts the ‘Ari” gift code without verification, and offers all items free of charge. Trustedreviews customer reviews are still to be rated. is not able to support product reviews.

There were no customer reviews or video reviews on social media. To avoid being scammed, takes Credit Card payments.

Conclusion: Review concludes that it is a Scam. has a low Trust, Business and Alexa ranking. It will take time for it to improve. is not recommended as there are no customer testimonials regarding delivery and the customer ratings and reviews are inaccessible. To avoid fraud online, we recommend that you learn about PayPal scams.


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