BenQ EH620 review: A ‘smart’ projector with Windows 11 inside?

The EH620 weighs in at 4.2kg and measures 14.9×4.9×10.35 (HWD), but is light enough to be carried from one room to the next. If you want, it can be mounted permanently on a mount. We have seen it in a regular-looking model from BenQ. It is not fancy. The projector’s exterior is made of glossy white plastic. The zoom and focus functions are located on the top of this projector. The buttons’ top sides will have the Power, Temp, and Lamp LEDs. The power button is located to the left. The Back, Menu, and source buttons are located at the bottom. In the middle you will find the OK (Select/Enter). The OK buttons are surrounded by the arrow buttons, which will allow you navigate through the menu or change the volume of the built in speakers.

There is a fan built into most projectors. It is quiet but can be louder depending on what picture mode you choose. There are two options for connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. This allows you to connect to any network, or pair it up with Bluetooth soundbars or keyboards if you want. The two HDMI ports allow you to connect to almost all video sources, games consoles, and PCs.

The EH620 projector can project 150″ screen from 1.5M away. A remote is included with the projector, which makes it easy to access the menu without having to scroll through it. It is easy to set up and the menu design makes it easy to use. Although the internal speaker can be quite loud, most projector speakers are quieter.

The BenQ EH620 includes a remote control that makes it easy to access the menu without having to scroll through it (Image: Anuj Bhattia/). Indian Express )


The BenQ EH620 is powered by the latest Intel processor 4000 series. It runs Windows 11 on the operating system. You should have used Windows computers before. There are two options: you can use the Windows standard navigation scheme, or BenQ’s launcher UI. This interface is easy to use and includes three buttons that allow you to perform key operations: Wireless Projection, Conference, and File Manager.

You can access tons of apps from the Windows OS without needing to connect to another laptop. Image by Anuj Bhatia/Indian Express

The Windows OS-integrated projector has some advantages over traditional projectors. One is that you can use a lot of apps without needing to connect to an external computer. You can access almost all of the apps that you might need to video-conference with colleagues, such as Google meet, Skype, and TeamViewer. The Microsoft Shop offers more business apps. It also has web browsers, including Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, which makes it a projector that can double up as a laptop. EH620 provides wireless access to OneDrive files. The BenQ EH620, which protects against most cybersecurity attacks, is also available with AES 128 bit encryption, WPA2 wireless security, and Intel Secure Boot.

Should I buy the BenQ EH620 Projector?

Although the BenQ EH620 is more expensive than other 1080p projectors in its class, it has additional features that enterprise customers will be able to use, including Windows 11 and improved security. The EH620 is a great choice for companies that want a smart projector at a mid-range price.


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