Bitsliced the Revolution Behind Asset Tokenization

Bitsliced wants to close this gap by putting blockchain technology to use in the real world. With Bitsliced’s app and smart contracts, it will be easy and straightforward to tokenize and split assets from different markets, such as collectibles, real estate, traditional art, and a number of other uses. With Bitsliced, Bitcoin could be better than other cryptos; this will be easy and clear to do with this blockchain.

What the Sliced app is and how it works

Most of the time, Sliced is what Bitsliced does. It is a social app and market where people can make and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and tokens that look like real-world assets.

With the Sliced app, anyone can make a digital copy of something they own, like a piece of art, a piece of property, a car, an item of clothing, or anything else. By doing this, Bitsliced helps create a parallel digital market, which makes it easier to sell products across international borders and adds value by giving people new ways to make money.

The Sliced app makes trading safer and easier because it uses blockchain technology. In the near future, you will be able to split assets and give more than one person ownership (verifiable co-ownership).

All mobile platforms, like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, can download and use the app. The app can also be used on a desktop computer through a web browser.

Unique Features

The Sliced app will get game elements to keep people interested and coming back for more. Users will have more reasons to keep using Bitsliced’s services because the app will have a leaderboard and badges.

The Slice app will also have parts that deal with social media. The company will have a new way to talk to other people by using NFT channels from Bitsliced. 

In NFT channels, people who like Bitsliced can hang out, trade, and talk about the things they like. These channels will be available for every market that Sliced NFTs change, like real estate, collectibles, fashion, and any other business. Bitsliced has high hopes that the high-profile channels will help the community of investors, collectors, and NFT fans grow and get more involved.

You can also stake and farm yields with the Bitsliced SocialFi app. People who have SLICED tokens will have a number of ways to make money without doing anything. Users who stake their coins and help run the network can get a reward equal to 15% of what the network is expected to make in a year (APY). On the other hand, people who own SLICED tokens could make a 25% annual return by making the Bitsliced system and marketplace more liquid.

The SLICED token will be the brain of the app and make it possible for all transactions to happen in the marketplace. Every time you buy something in the marketplace, you get 1% cashback right away. Depending on the broker, buying a home could give you up to 8% cashback.

About Splitting Up Transactions That Are Not Financial

Since Bitsliced has its own patented Sliced NFT System, we will be able to give out digital certificates that anyone can use and have a trust mark. Each certificate is a unique token that can’t be given to anyone else. It lets you know who owns something.

Sliced will be in charge of making sure that all of the legal due diligence is done in advance. This will be done with the help of its large network of partners and brokers. Then, a bitsliced proprietary code will check the data to make sure it is correct. The next step is to make the NFT certificate.

Concerning Bitsliced

Bitsliced is a system that tries to make tokens out of real-world things. It is based on a technology called “blockchain.” Anyone can use this platform to make, collect, and trade real-world goods using blockchain technology.

Taking an original business model from the Bitslice ecosystem could help make a different kind of digital economy. The social software and the NFT marketplace make up this ecosystem. You can make money trading real estate, collectibles, fashion wearables, and many other types of goods all over the world.

Users will also be able to stake and earn more SLICE, which is the native token of the Bitsliced ecosystem.


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