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They say necessity is the mother invention. One such story is the BQE Core. The idea for the BQE Core was born in 1995 by an engineer who wanted to streamline billing processes for engineering projects. It is unique because the Asana was created to simplify workflows for agile teams, without limiting their growth or flexibility.

This BQE Core and Asana software comparison will focus on three key elements: demos, prices, and features.


BQE Core can be used in many industries

  • Legal
  • Consultants
  • Government Contractors
  • Engineering
  • Architect

BQE Core management software is trusted by many because it integrates detailed tools to solve accounting and billing problems. These are just a few of the most important tools it offers:


  • Tracking Time and Expense

Users are provided with pre-populated smart timesheets. You can also set custom dates ranges to allow you to track your projects according to their deadlines. You can also send reminders or request updates to make sure everyone is on track.

With details like overheads and time-offs, you can record every hour of a project. integrates Timecards to make it easy to organize details like payrolls and invoicing.

To save time, you can also copy timesheets so that you have them available for future reference. This software is DCAA-compliant, so there are no legal issues in the future.

The BQE Core software also includes a variety of project tracking tools. Your project monitor pulse, for example, is a great tool to keep track of the ongoing processes and to ensure that everything is following the strategy. It’s also easy to link details like budgets, schedules, teams, and other information to the projects you are watching.

All details related to a project can be managed by you, including costs, tasks, and time. The platform allows you to calculate overhead, GA and fringe in real time.

You can also track other components, such as resource allocation, with the project tracking feature. Without affecting the workload balance, you can assign tasks to employees. You can also notify the resources automatically to inform them of their duties.

The BQE Core software includes 20 templates that can be used to assist you in the billing process. Invoices can be generated for projects by hourly or fixed fee.

Fully automated, the system saves you time and improves the accuracy of your invoicing process.

Request a demo of BQE Core for 30 minutes via the website. The demo will help you see how the software works with your company.

Get a personalized quote for BQE Core Pricing. Costs will vary depending on the requirements and the number of users that you have in mind.

Asana software can be used by teams that are always moving. It can help you create an online workspace which provides stability despite the shifting of everything else. Here are some of the most notable Asana project management software features.


Agile teams can benefit from being able to quickly access all information within a structured timeline. This tool not only helps you to visualize a strategy, but also shows you the task dependencies. The timeline feature can be described as a map of your project. This feature also has two additional benefits. You can show all tasks completed and share the plan in advance.

You can also use the drag-and-drop interface to make any changes you need. The timeline can be used to import CVS, and convert them into actionable list.

Asana’s project management software integrates Kanban boards for visual management. Kanban boards can be used in many ways to solve management problems.

  • Plotting workflows
  • Follow the workflow stages
  • Spot bottlenecks
  • Toggle between boards
  • Automated workflows

Your team will buy-in when you set goals for a project. Strategic goals are about creating projects that will bring success and profit to the company. Asana’s project management software allows you to set clear goals for your team. It also helps to increase productivity. Instead of being distracted by random, time-consuming tasks your team will focus on the important processes related to the project.

Asana Software Demo

Asana Demo is a two-minute-long video that quickly demonstrates the features of the software. It allows you to understand its central function.

Asana Pricing

There are four pricing options available for Asana users. For beginners, the first option is completely free and can be used to familiarize themselves with the functions. Premium pricing plans cost $10, while the business plan is $24. This plan can be customized to meet the needs of your company. The pricing also depends on how many users will use the software. Each pricing option includes a variety of tools that can be used to manage project requirements at various stages of the business.


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