Brazil riots explained Bolsonaro had previously urged his supporters?

Brazil’s ex-right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro’s followers stormed several important buildings, setting the stage for a full-blown riot just one week after Luiz Ignaco Lula da Silva (a leftist) was elected president. On Sunday (8 January), thousands of Brazilian supporters ransacked Brazil’s Congress, Supreme Court and presidential buildings in Brasilia. These events were disturbingly similar to the one that occurred at the United States Capitol in Washington DC two years ago.

Three buildings thought to be vacant on Brasilia’s Three Powers Square were overthrown by protestors who broke windows and pushed through security barriers. Some demanded military action to remove Lula as president or to restore the far-right Bolsonaro.

In a tweet, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised concerns about the events and stated that “democratic traditions must always be respected by all.”

We are deeply concerned by the reports of violence and vandalism targeting the State institutions in Brasilia. Everyone must respect democratic traditions. We offer our full support for the Brazilian authorities.

These demonstrators are ex-president Bolsonaro’s far right supporters, who challenged Lula’s victory in the election on 30 October 2022. Bolsonaro was narrowly defeated by Lula, the former president of Brazil, in a run-off election last January.

Bolsonaro’s supporters gathered outside Brazilian military bases to demand a military intervention in order to stop Lula from coming back to power.

Bolsonaro’s supporters also included truck drivers who blocked roads throughout the country in the days following his defeat. Bolsonaro supporters organized protests throughout the country in November calling for an intervention by the armed forces.

Brazilians protested a fraudulent or unfair election by gathering outside a regional military facility. They also disobeyed a Supreme Court order to clear streets and public areas.

Many demonstrators believed that the Ministry of Defence report, which Bolsonaro attempted to include in supervising the election, would back their claims.

The November release of the document made some changes to certain electoral system faults in Brazil, but didn’t find any evidence of fraud.

Domingues Carvalho (63), who protested for 15 straight days, said to the AP news agency, “I’m fighting my country, my daughter, and three grandchildren.”

He said that he often kneels in front of the military buildings to pray. “I will stay here as long and as I can. He said that although we are peaceful, communists will never take over our country.

On Christmas Eve, George Washington de Oliveira Sousa, a man he claimed tried to detonate an explosive in opposition to the Brazilian election results was taken into custody. His police statement, which was a copy of the original, revealed that he was motivated by Bolsonaro’s support for arming civilians.

Additionally, during the rioting of Bolsonaro’s supporters on 29/12, Brazilian police arrested at least four people in connection to an alleged coup attempt.

Lula, as the president of the Republic of Congo, took the oath to office on January 1. He declared at the time that democracy had won decisively. He now leads a deeply divided country.

But things were not always like this. It was 2011, and 83% of the people voted for his retirement decision. A string of controversies led to his imprisonment and later, his conviction for corruption was overturned.

Bolsonaro’s supporters stormed the Brasilia Capitol on January 8th and ransacked it.

President Lula directly accused Bolsonaro of violence. Bolsonaro claimed that he “triggered” the violence. He encouraged attacks against the three powers at every opportunity. According to The New York Times, Lula stated that this was also his responsibility in a speech addressed to the nation.

According to the BBC, Lula declared an emergency, which allows the federal government to take any necessary measures to restore order to the capital. Justice Minister Flavio dino announced that an investigation was underway, while Chief Justice Rosa Weber, Supreme Court Justice, said that all those responsible for security in Brasilia will be investigated.

According to reports, the former president is currently in Florida having arrived there in December last year. According to The New York Times, he was staying at a home owned by a professional mixed-martial artist near Disney World and planned to stay there for at most a month.

Bolsonaro condemns violence after supporters storm key government buildings in Brazil

According to reports, the former president is currently in Florida having arrived there in December last year. According to The New York Times, he was staying at a home owned by a professional mixed-martial artist near Disney World and planned to stay there for at most a month.

Bolsonaro had previously urged his supporters not to lose their dignity in the last days of his presidency. However, Sunday’s events suggest that this appeal may have been a little too late. On Sunday night, Bolsonaro took to Twitter to say that peaceful demonstrations in the form the law are part of democracy.


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