Bunnings Dyson Scam – ( march 2022 ) How is the Scam Conducted?

The guide gives details on the brand new Bunnings Dyson Scam targeting many people from various areas.

There are various types of scams taking place, and victims get targeted from Australiain in the form of Bunnings. Scammers have been attempting to trick individuals to obtain personal information.

Scammers use the social networks, false email addresses websites, websites, texts messages and fake emails to provide chances to win prizes and take advantage of fake job opportunities. Bunnings has been alerted to fake social media posts and advises its customers to stay clear of them.

Scammers claim to have Dyson products at a price of $4 However, there is no connection to Bunnings. Therefore, it is important to stay vigilant of scams like this. Bunnings Dyson Scam is targeting several people.

What is Bunnings?

Bunnings is a well-known household hardware retailer, run by Wesfarmers since 1994. It has stores in New Zealand and Australia. The company was founded at Perth on the 18th of April, 1886. It was founded by an England family member who had immigrated to Australia. It was a limited-company at the time of its beginning and was concentrated on sawmilling. The company was transformed into an open company in 1952. It then diversified into the retail industry through the acquisition of many hardware stores.

Bunnings holds 50 percent in the local market. It is becoming a name of the town, and scammers are using the name of the company to commit fraud.

Bunnings Dyson Scam – What It Is?

Bunnings Scam is the latest Facebook post scam in which scammers take advantage of loyal customers of the company. Scammers send fake texts and posting fake posts for the benefit of their business and urging users to share their personal details to be eligible for prizes and gifts.

Scammers are attracted to people with false offers and discounts and even claiming to sell Dyson products for $4. But, the company has advised its customers not to click on fraudulent posts, since they are not offering these deals.

Bunnings Dyson Scam targets many individuals, and the company is making efforts to stay aware of their customers.

How is the Scam Conducted?

The scam targets numerous users who use Facebook postings, false email addresses as well as fake text messages and websites that claim to provide prizes, gifts, or job opportunities. They’re sharing links that are suspicious and encouraging users to click the link.

When they click on the link, they will be redirected to a third party websites that requires them to perform various tasks, which include:

  • Complete an online survey form online
  • Commenting or sharing the Facebook page.
  • Personal information sharing via the telephone
  • Claiming the prize with a false email

Bunnings Dyson Scam targets a variety of peopleand the business has constantly warned its customers to be vigilant. It is advised not to divulge any details about the scam and report the messages, calls, as well as emails to the local police department and the cyber security team.

It is strongly recommended that anyone who received fraudulent messages from Bunnings notify the store immediately.


Bunnings is an internationally renowned Australian household hardware retailer with thousands of clients. But, the name is used by fraudsters to scam customers. Scammers are targeting people through Facebook and fake emails in order to conduct the Bunnings Dyson Scam.

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