Burger King 64th Anniversary – The 64th Anniversary Sale all about?

Burger King, the multinational chain of fast-food and hamburger restaurants, plans to reduce the price on Burger King’s Whopper back to its original cost in 1957. They will also offer the iconic burger for 37 cents this weekend.

The intriguing deal is grabbing the interest of all the burger lovers throughout all across the United States. The deal is meant to honor the burger’s 64th birthday, and also the membership program known as Burger King Royal Perks.

It is expected that the Burger King 64th Anniversary promotion will be available for the entire weekend, i.e., 3rd and 4th December 2021. So, take advantage of the offer at your local Burger King joint.

The 64th Anniversary Sale all about?

The 64th Anniversary Deal is the throwback offer by Burger King to honor the cost for Whopper Sandwich. Whopper Sandwich when it was first introduced back in 1957 in the first restaurant situated in Florida, United States.

With the 64th Anniversary offer The fast-food eatery focuses on bringing the customers back to 1957 to pay tribute to the cost of its signature Whopper sandwich. The restaurant will be celebrating its Burger King 64th anniversary on the iconic Whopper on the weekend of July 4th and will only offer the sandwich for 37 cents. This is what it was when it first introduced back in the year.

The 3rd and 4th of December is when the restaurants will be offering the offer and participating fast food outlets will be offering the deal on the mobile and web-based application.

How can I Participate in the Deal?

The 64th Anniversary Offer isn’t offered for everyone because it’s only available to Royal Perk Reward Program members. Members who are members of Royal Perk are restricted to one deal per account. This means that those who are Royal Perk Reward Program members can only purchase Whoppers for 37 cents during the Burger King 64th anniversary offer.

The Royal Perk is the reward program that was launched in the year 2021. The loyalty program customers receive points for every purchase, and they can redeem them at a later date for free burgers, as well as other food items. For every dollar spent in the restaurant, those who are part of the rewards program earn 10 crowns.

Customers who want to avail Burger King’s anniversary deal Burger King Anniversary deal need to sign up for the Royal Perk Program on the mobile app or on Burger King’s website. They will be eligible to purchase the signature Burger under the anniversary deal once they sign up.

What is the reactions to People for Burger King 64th Anniversary?

After a thorough online review We found that many people are pleased about the anniversary offer by Burger King.

The Whopper, which costs the staggering sum of $10, will now be sold for just 37 cents. Therefore, they are eagerly looking forward for the sale. There are a lot of feedback from customers which can be found on the internet.


Burger King is looking forward to offering our loyal clients the same kind of experience that they experienced at the time Whopper was first introduced in the year 1957. It is celebrating 64th birthday of the burger. In order to pay tribute to that original price for the Burger they have decided to introduce this deal. Burger King 64th Birthday offer for members of the Royal Perk members.

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