Buying The Best Pair Of Sunglasses For Your Face

A great pair of cool-looking sunglasses can change the way people look. Plus, as an added protection from the scorching sun in Australia, it might not be a bad idea to invest in a good pair of glasses to keep the strain off the eyes. However, there’s also the matter of choosing the right pair. Whether it’s the TomFord sunglasses or a simple one, choosing the wrong sunglasses can change your look from confident to weird or funny. But don’t worry! This article highlights the things to look into when closing what type of sunglasses to buy. 

1. The Shape of The Face and The Frame:  Choosing the right frames according to the face shape is vital if one wants to look cool and let the sunglasses complement the shape. Certain sunglasses, like the ones with thin frames, are better for people who have prominent cheekbones and others, like the ones with thicker frames or rectangular frames, are more suited for those with round face shapes. The first thing people need to do is to identify their face shape and determine that initially. Then, they can narrow down the best sunglass shapes that will suit their face. Various frame shapes like the aviators and the butterfly are the most common ones seen in Australia. Rectangular and oval ones are also prominent. 

2. Material Of The Frame: High-end pairs like the TomFord sunglasses come with high-quality frames, whereas the cheaper ones are made up of less durable material. Choosing the best material will always mean higher costs, but they’ll last longer. Plus, better material also translates into safety and functionality. Metal frames are the best choice here, with nylon and titanium not far behind. 

3. The Lens: Always check for the safety ratings of these lenses first before picking the material. Sunglasses made in Australia must always follow a standard prescribed by the governing body. If the lenses don’t have the safety ratings labelled, then the customer has no idea whether the lens will keep them safe from the harmful radiation of the sun. As for the material, glass, plastic, and polycarbonate are the best ones available in the market. Then comes the colour choice. If the sunglasses are for everyday use, go for darker shades. Lighter shades are better suited for either depth perception or only in terms of fashion. Keep in mind that just because a lens appears darker doesn’t mean they offer better protection from the UV rays. Another popular lens type is the polarised ones which are perfect for driving or golfing. Before finalising the purchase, do a quality check. 

Taking Care Of Sunglasses 

The lens can get dirty when used every day. So here are some tips to help keep them in pristine conditions: 

  1. Soft microfiber cloths will help significantly in cleaning the lens instead of regular cloth.
  2. Do not use paper towels or tissues to clean the lens as they can scratch the surface. Using the edge of a shirt is also a bad idea as they don’t clean effectively. 
  3. Don’t use cleaning fluids like detergents as they can cause corrosive damage to the lens. 
  4. Buy a sturdy case and keep the sunglasses inside them after use. Sturdy cases will protect the sunglasses from dust and fall damage. 
  5. It’s not uncommon to find the screws coming loose after a long period of use. If that’s the case, then use an appropriate screwdriver to screw the bolts back tight. 

Take care of them properly, and sunglasses will last for years before they get worn down. The better the quality of the lens and the material of the sunglasses, the longer they will last.

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