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Do you browse the web for beautiful clothing? We are sure you’ve heard of To find out if this is a good website to purchase, check out our review., a newly created website, is from the United States. E-commerce websites are often the targets of online frauds, as is well known. Rest assured, however, that we will check the validity of this website in our reviews.

Bwayif Review will help you to understand the website.


The website Bwayif has a variety of women’s clothing in many styles. There are many apparel options available, including coats, long dresses and dresses without sleeves. Bwayif’s business has grown rapidly since its inception in 2016. They enjoy having rules that allow them to outperform other companies and have worked hard to ensure that the buying process is centered on their customers’ needs. Bwayif believes life is easy, bright, and fun.

We recommend that you read Is This Site Legit if you are looking to purchase a product.

Specification for Bwayif Com

  • Website link –
  • Domain age – Less that one year
  • Products – Women love them.
  • Contact Number: +12516516770
  • Social Media Icons Not Available
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Company Address – 1121 Edgewater Dr, FL,Florida.32804,US
  • Delivery time – 10-20 Business Days
  • Shipping costs – No shipping charges for orders above $50
  • Newsletter – It’s Available
  • Return time – within 30 business days
  • Exchange Time – Within 30 business days
  • Refund Time – No data provided
  • Payment Methods: Mastercard, Visa and PayPal. American Express and PayPal.

Bwayif Review will give you the pros and cons of buying items from Bwayif Com.

What are some of the benefits of buying items from Bwayif Com?

  • You will find a wide range of clothing for women at this store.
  • The Bwayif website uses HTTPS encryption.
  • The user interface of the website is unique and fast.
  • You can find all contact information on the website.

What are the cons of buying items from Bwayif Com

  • High-end items are available on the portal.
  • The social media connection and links are not discovered.
  • This website doesn’t contain any information about the owner.
  • The listed clothes are not eligible for a discount.

Is Bwayif Legit?

We are all aware of the dangers of internet fraud and urge you to be cautious when purchasing items from unscrupulous websites. These are some things to consider before you make any online purchases.

  • Date of domain registration – 11/11/2021
  • Date of domain expiration – 11/11/2022
  • Trust score – The trust score for this website is just 5%. This is very low.
  • Social Media Connections – No social media connections or links were found.
  • Policing- Many problematic websites use the same rules. The policy does not include several key terms.
  • Customer Reviews – Bwayif reviews can be found on the website.
  • Alexa rank – According to Alexa the website is ranked 6457329 worldwide.
  • Originality of the address – The website’s given address is not correct.
  • Ownership details – This information is not available on the webpage.
  • Content Quality – This website seems to be plagiarized content from other fraudulent websites.
  • Index rank – These sites have an index rank 39.7 out 100. This means that the website appears suspicious and dubious.
  • Discounts that aren’t real – The website does not offer any discounts.

Customer’s Bwayif Review

As you can see, customer reviews are important for any website. With their help, we can understand the product. We have not found any customer reviews on this website or on other platforms. Click here to learn What to do to request a refund via PayPal.

The Bottom Line

Based on our search. Bwayif, an online store, offers a wide range of women’s clothing. There are many clothing options available, including long and sleeveless dresses as well as jackets. We don’t have any reliable information on this website as it is still new. Bwayif Reviews might be a good option until more reliable information is available. Click here to learn What you need to do to get a refund via your credit card.

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