Cetalief Reviews – Information about the cetalief.com site

You can shop for the latest fashion apparel online. Cetalief.com designs unique designs for women. There are skirts, tops and accessories on the website. You can find a variety of styles to keep your summer going. Your orders can be delivered anywhere in the world via Worldwide shipping.

You want to get a personal designer product at an affordable price? Cetalief Reviewhelps you to learn about the website, and Cetalief Legitimacy.

Information about the cetalief.com site

Cetalief.com, a unique website for women selling products, is an online marketplace. It sells products for as low as $0.90. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, including tops and skirts. Personal designers have a lot of success with apparel clothes. The product prices are extremely attractive and affordable for the customer. All products ship from Vietnam. Most orders are shipped within 72 hours of placing them. The widespread charge for universal logistics is pretentious.

Let’s learn more about Is Cetalief Legit and a complete view of the Cetalief.com site.

Website Specifications:

  • Website Type: Latest women’s fashion apparel website.
  • Types of products: tops, skirts and other accessories
  • Product URL: https://cetalief.com
  • Website created date 21 July 2022
  • Website Expiration 21 July 2023
  • Product Price: The selling cost is in USD.
  • Support Email ID: [email protected] cetalief .com
  • Contact:Kantesh Ltd., 12948235. 71-75 Shelton Street. Convent Garden. London, England, UK, WC2H9JQ
  • Contact
  • Shipping Policies : 1-5 days. The shipping time can vary depending on where you live.
  • Return Policy 14 days product returns accepted.
  • Refund Policy Fast Return within one week

More Cetalief Reviews,

  • Product Exchange – No hassle, no fees, exchange of various sizes, colors, or patterns.
  • Product Return:Return accepts original packaging within 14 Days
  • Delivery time: The estimated delivery time is between 1 and 5 business days from the date of processing your order.
  • Cancellation Policy for Product: 10% Discount on the Cancellation Fee
  • Tracking details Customers can get an email notification with a tracking number.
  • Method of Payment: Cetalief.com accepts VISA and MasterCard as well as Discover and other card-secure payments.

Positive facts

  • Website Cetalief.com has a valid SSL / HTTP certificate.
  • Shipping is available anywhere in the world via the website.
  • Cetalief.com offers Instagram and Facebook links.
  • Discounts on website products automatically apply
  • Verisign has confirmed that Norton, McAfee and TRUSTe have made secured payments to the website.

Negative aspects decide Is Cetalief Legit?

  • Website Cetalief.com is not popular.
  • The minimum shipping charge for orders less than $49 is $9
  • Scammers and spammers used the same registrar.
  • Customers are charged cancellation fees

These trust facts are both positive and negative.

Website Legality:

  • Domain: Newly registered website.
  • Social media links: Found Instagram and Facebook links.
  • Trust Index score: Cetalief.com only has a 2% trust score.
  • Ranking in Alexa – Alexa ranking and Global Reach not available
  • Cetalief Review by customers: There were no evaluations or comments.
  • Contact
  • Number to Contact : Not Available
  • Safe Domain Link: The Cetalief.com site has a valid SSL and HTTPS connection.
  • Domain content scarcity – Found 100% stolen data from other sites.
  • Domain owner data : A reliable service that verifies the technical data of domain owners.
  • Return policy: Cetalief.com accepts product returns.
  • Privacy policy:Cetalief.com privacy details.

Is the information on Cetalief.com sufficient to verify its legitimacy? More information is available below.

Read more about customer reviews

Cetalief.com, a unique website selling products for women, is available in summer and other seasons. Not found any Cetalief reviews. Cetalief.com is a new online store and has no reach. The website is not visited often. Cetalief.com has Instagram and Facebook sharing links. However, there aren’t any followers or sharing details. Cetalief.com has no reviews or ratings on any other trusted websites.


We conclude that Cetalief.com can be considered a unique selling website for women-designed products. The website registrar is also a spammer.


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