Daily Crumbles Harvest – What are the issues?

Do you have gastrointestinal problems after eating Daily Harvest Lentils or Crumbles? Many people have experienced gastrointestinal problems after eating Daily Harvest’s French Lentil or Leek Crumbles.

The meal delivery company claims it will take all measures necessary to prevent the spread of lentil-based products. The company recalls all lentil-based meals and products on Sunday after receiving numerous consumer complaints. On Sunday, the company released a statement urging consumers to throw out the products.

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Daily Harvest Crumbles: What are the issues?

Daily Harvest is a meal delivery company that has been in the news lately, particularly after some customers have complained of gastrointestinal problems after eating French Lentils or Leek Crumbles.

After receiving numerous complaints from consumers online about digestive problems caused by lentil-based products last Sunday, the company published a recall notice on their website. They also sent out an email on Friday urging consumers to stop using lentil-based products.

How did the company react to Daily Harvest Lentil & Leek Crumble Posts

Daily Harvest issued a recall notice on Sunday urging consumers not to use lentil-based products following complaints from people who had experienced gastrointestinal problems after eating French Lentils or Leek Crumbles.

The company quickly responded to the complaints and stated that they are taking all necessary steps to address them. The company also advised consumers to dispose of any leftover lentil or leek crumbles immediately.

A $10 credit is also offered by the company for every bag of Daily Harvest Lentil or Leek Crumble that is purchased. External and internal investigations are ongoing to verify the supply chain. Daily Harvest also urges the consumers to stop using the lentil-based products and send an email at [email protected] if they have any queries.

What are customers reactions?

Many Daily Harvest customers took to social media after the complaints. They shared their complaints and experiences. Luke Tashie, a consumer, shared the email from the company stating that he does not believe that the company is responding promptly to the matter.

Hundreds of others have also shared the same post via social media and on the Daily Harvest official Facebook page. After consuming Daily Croumbles Harvest, and other lentil-based products, they are sharing their experiences.

For more information, you can read the latest updates. This will provide an overview of the company’s response to the complaints.


Daily Harvest, a meal delivery company with more than 60 million followers on Facebook, is known for its meals. The delivery service has been in the news because it received numerous complaints about digestive problems caused by its lentil-based products. The company quickly responded and advised all users to discontinue using it.

An investigation is underway to examine the supply chain for Daily Crumbles Harvest. Are you a customer of the company? We would love to hear about your experiences.


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