Davy Jones Net Worth 2021 – Who was Davy Jones, anyway?

Are you someone who listens to great music but has lost their favorite artist? Do you love singers and other sensational personalities? Davy Jones was a superstar for the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. This article will provide some brief information about Davy Jones as it moves along. The goal of this article is to give you Davy Jones Net worth 2021 .

Let’s start by giving you some basic information about him.

Who was Davy Jones, anyway?

Jones was well-known for his singing talents and was a member of the Monkees’ pop group. Jones was a popular youngster idol in the late Sixties. At eleven years old, Jones began a career in acting and won a part on the British soap opera Coronation Street. Let’s not forget the question that brought you here: What is Davy Jones Net worth 2021.

Davy Jones Career

Davy Jones, a member the Monkees band, was a popular teenager idol in the 1960s. At eleven years old, he began to perform and was offered a part on the British soap opera Coronation Street. Davy Jones, the charming face of The Monkees, attracted attention by fans when he was first broadcast on television in September 1966.

His group became famous through hits such as “I’m a Believer”, “Pleasant Valley Sunday”, and “Daydream Believer”, Gerry Goffin, Carole King, John Stewart, and others. These facts encourage us to calculate Davy Jones Net worth 2021 .

Let’s learn more about Jones’s personal life. We will be looking at Specifications about his life.


  • Name- Davy Jones
  • United Kingdom – Birth’s Spot
  • Nationality- British.
  • Birth Date – 30-12-1945
  • Profession: Singer, Actors, Musicians, Lyricists, Record Producers, and Businessmen.
  • Height- 5ft, 2inch.
  • Weight-Not known
  • Income-
  • Spouse- He had 3 wives, Haines (1969-1975), Anita Pollinger ( 1981-1996), and Jessica Pacheco (2009-2012).
  • Joining Date – Davy joined Monkees in September 1996.
  • Social Media- His Twitter account was official for Davy Jones.
  • Year of death – February 29, 2012.
  • Cause of death: He died from a heart attack.

Davy Jones Net Worth 2021

His net worth at the time of his passing was $ 5million. Davy Jones was a talented and charming British singer. His Twitter followers number 8,716k. His net worth has increased quickly.

Note This article discusses all facts found on the internet.

Final Thoughts

This article concludes with Davy Jones, a well-known British musician and singer who has worked hard to establish his place in the music industry. His passion has helped him build his net worth USD 5million. Unfortunately, he died from a heart attack in February 2012.

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