Delivery App from Latin America Willing for Crypto Payments

It is an online app that offers delivery services. Furthermore, it is at the top, as far as customer demand is concerned.

Now, which app is this?

It is Rappi, which provides services across Latin America. Now, it has come up with a new attraction. The delivery app permits customers to pay via cryptocurrencies, in addition, Click Here for ideas of the same functions of Rappi, a platform that can also pay using crypto. The announcement is quite recent. Regardless, it has already excited existing, and potential, customers!

All about the Rappi App

The company has its headquarters in Bogota. It is famed for its mobile application, which offers on-demand delivery services. Customers are welcome to order groceries, as well as other goods. They may even send the same, to others. The courier services provided by the company are excellent.

The app is so popular because it does not confine itself to Bogota alone. It offers services across Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico.

Apart from purchasing and sending, the app permits other use cases too. For instance, certain cities are unsafe at specific hours, especially at night. Customers may not go out to withdraw cash from ATMs then. Therefore, they use Rappi to withdraw cash. What they do is send payments through the app for delivery of cash to their respective doorsteps.

Why is Rappi so Popular?

Rappi consists of a robust and reliable suite. This suite suffices to make the ordering operation timely, simple, and easily manageable. In other words, the technology is advanced and convenient for every kind of customer to use.

What is in the Rappi suite?

A driver app is an excellent tool for ensuring timely deliveries by Rappi’s agents.

The customer app makes the process of ordering as simple as possible.

The admin panel has plenty of commendable features in it. It is akin to a central station, enabling the managing, controlling, and tracking of every business deal. The Rappi company takes care to make every marketing strategy customer-centric. This way, they ensure that all strategies provide some market value.

Finally, the merchant panel is meant for store owners. They may go about their business and manage orders, wonderfully well.

Thus, Rappi approaches the right people at the right time. Its main aim is to make the user experience as memorable as possible. Therefore, it employs over 1,500 employees, who serve in seven Latin American nations. Furthermore, the company has 50,000+ services and products on display.

Rappi Permits Payments with Cryptocurrencies

Rappi has partnered with Bitso and Bitpay, for creating a new service. This service allows customers to pay for their purchases, or even forward them elsewhere, via digital currencies. Bitcoin is a favorite. However, other coins are also welcome.

However, they may not use cryptocurrencies directly. Instead, the Rappi app will convert the virtual currencies into credits. These credits will suffice as payments for goods/services.

According to Sebastian Mejia, the President of Rappi, this is just the first step. The company will closely monitor the response, to work out plans for the future. It desires to use this learning experience for offering better services in the future.

The first city that came in for the receipt of this unique service, is Mexico. The scheme has a name – Pay with Rappi. It acts as a challenge to MercadoLibre or MELLO, which is a regional competitor. It also challenges Paypal.

Rappi’s Future Plans

The company is awaiting regulatory approval for a unique service in Colombia. It wishes to set up a digital bank there. The company is hoping that it will be able to manage it by the first half of 2022.

Around 750,000 people use RappiPay. Additionally, the company has distributed 120,000+ credit cards. Its new venture should not prove too difficult to set up and start, since the company does provide a few financial services in Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru, already. Its reputation should serve to satisfy the authorities.

In case the service launches soon, Rappi hopes to link up with Davivienda Bank, for expansion into different areas in Latin America. Davivienda already provides its customers with electronic accounts and credit cards.

For now, the company is happy to have given its customers the opportunity to link their exchange accounts and digital wallets. In turn, the cryptocurrencies become Rappi credits.

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