Difference between Paraphrasing and Rewriting – How to do it?

Writing is an artwork that many people love to do, and maybe you are one of them. Writing has a strong sentiment of attraction that can make people relax and engage with time and space. And that is why there exist many people who cherish writing. Well! In today’s era, writing is more than a choice; it has become a trend, a need, and an obligation. You have to deal with it even when you don’t like it. However, such people who are not writing fanatics found it frustrating. And that’s why they find easy ways to reduce their hassles. Well! If you are also one of them, you should consider the rephrasing technique to help you a lot. There exist many types of it, and it is better to learn about them – so you can do it pretty well. Read on!

What is the Difference Between Paraphrasing and Rewriting?

Generally, paraphrasing refers to the process of taking an idea from any other content and later using it in your words. It implies that the outcome of the paraphrasing would be something in which the meaning would be the same, but the structure, format, terms, and phrases would be completely different. On the other hand, rewriting is when we read content and then follow the same layout and context by only replacing the words with synonyms. So, both techniques are different but can be used to reduce writing efforts.

How Can You Do Paraphrasing?

So, above, we have jotted the main difference between paraphrasing and rewriting. Now, it is time to help you know about the precise process of how you can do both. So scroll down first to learn how you can do paraphrasing on the go?

Read the Passages and Grab The Context

Before paraphrasing, you should read the content you are thinking of paraphrasing. Try to keep a focused eye on the meaning to develop a unique range without disturbing the context. Whether it is an essay, article, journal, story, or anything, understand what the material’s message is.

Compare your paraphrased material to change the structure.

Yet another step to getting the paraphrasing job done on the go is changing structure. If the original material holds headings in a precise order, change it – so it won’t seem copied. You have to structure the stuff properly. Also, reread the content to see if there’s any need to change the text case. It would help you boost the content quality.

Pro-Tip: Use Paraphrasing Tools

One of the best ways to accomplish the rephrasing technique is using a paraphrasing tool. It would help you paraphrase content on the go. Whether you want to paraphrase, an essay, blog post, journal, or anything, a paraphraser can help you a lot. Generally, these tools use AI-powered technology that works pretty intelligently to paraphrase your content.

How Can You Rewrite?

Below have mentioned the ways to help you rewrite content.

Pull Out Some Relevant Content

The first step should be to gather some content you would like to reuse after rewriting and paraphrasing. You can start searching on the web with the specified topic/title. You can also pull out any old content you might have previously used. Because many times we are assigned the same topic twice or thrice. So, reusing it won’t be the wrong idea. Once you have gathered the material, start skimming through it to ensure its relevance.

Create an Outline

Of course, not every content can be rewritten as it is. It implies that you cannot rephrase the same content at once. If you want to come up with unique and good quality content, it would be preferable to take an idea from two to three posts or articles – so you can combine different ideas. Hold a paper, and pen down different headings from more than one blog post. Once you gather the meaning, crucial points, and verdict, start ordering them to create an outline. After that, add data under the title by copying other sources’ material, and it’s time to rewrite.

Tweak the content by keeping an eye on the original

Rewriting refers to a restricted process of writing in which you tweak the words with each other and make the feel of content unique. So, when you rewrite, put the original content (from where you are taking the idea) in front of you. And then start rewriting by following the same thing in your own words or by replacing the words with their synonyms.

Pro-Tip: Use Article Rewriter

If you want to do your work in a quick way, You can also consider running your article through an article rewrite tool to rewrite on the go. For manual rewriting, you have to ensure word usage. You can add synonyms when you feel the need in any sentence, but while using these tools you can get quality and error-free articles.

Final Advice!

So, readers, these are some of the best steps and tricks that you can use to paraphrase and rewrite your content without any disputes. But here, we would like to suggest you consider the proofreading process to ensure the quality and relevancy of the content. You can use plagiarism checker and grammar checker tools to get this job done on the go.

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