Digitalization: A Key to Better Field Service Productivity

The field service industry is rapidly evolving. Customer expectations for service, response times, and convenience are rising as quicker, more efficient digital platforms influence customers. 

Many field service companies are looking to mobile data collection to help them run more optimized business operations while remaining competitive. 

Companies are capturing more data than ever, thanks to quickly evolving digital technologies like big data, IoT, and machine learning, which are helping them get new insights and knowledge of their consumers and uncover operational efficiency.

Demand forecasting with more accuracy

Instead of depending on historical data, predictive demand, enabled by IoT and big statistics technologies, allows businesses to gather real-time data and use powerful forecasting algorithms to anticipate the best time for service visits.

Internal process efficiencies can be unlocked.

Completion Field Service Management (FSM) streamlines the whole service supply chain, while real-time operational information offers managers visibility into all elements of their service operations. 

This eliminates paper procedures and decreases the time it takes from start to finish, allowing service delivery to shift from reactionary to proactive. These technologies enable businesses to cut expenses while focusing more on the client experience.

Scheduling optimization

Optimization raises the bar for planning, scheduling, and routing operations, ensuring that the correct professional is sent with the right parts and systems to the right location at the right time. This promotes productivity, improves customer happiness (by ensuring SLAs are maintained), and cuts down on expensive repeat visits.

Transitioning to Predictive Maintenance

IoT assets that are remotely linked to real-time stream data allow enterprises to analyze and forecast possible difficulties. Preventative and ailment condition monitoring replaces reactive service, significantly lowering the cost of intermission service visits, miles traveled, wasteful repeat trips, and the chance of failure downtime.

Increase client satisfaction by meeting escalating consumer expectations.

The most recent mobile data collection solutions enable businesses to connect and communicate with their consumers in ways they never have before. 

Field Service organizations can increase customer engagement by providing self-service gateways and customized, real-time field service standards such as the technician’s identity, ETA, and probably visit length of time, as well as the ability to acquire client satisfaction data via surveys after a visit.

Employees that are empowered

Field technicians may use their mobile devices to check their schedules, send notes, change orders, inspect inventory, and receive comprehensive visibility into a customer’s purchase history, among other things. Specialists can be also better spot up-sell and cross-sell possibilities that can help the company’s bottom line.

Business models are being redefined

Many enterprises are shifting from selling products (which used to be a costly activity, correcting field faults) to selling more profitable services considerably due to digital transformation. Servitization lowers operating expenses, generates new, recurring income sources, and allows for competitive differentiation.

To do so, your staff must deliver quick and effective service and connect with customers in meaningful ways at every step of their trip, from filing a work order to scheduling an appointment to have their equipment fixed and beyond. A mobile data collection provides managers, dispatchers, and technicians with the information, resources, and insights they have to understand each client’s specific needs and work, allowing them to surpass expectations and build customer loyalty.


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