DIY Humidifier Ideas

Diy Humidifier: Heating systems dehydrate the air, causing dry skin, congested sinuses, and poor air quality. These DIY humidifier ideas will help you create a more comfortable home.

We rely on our heating systems to keep our homes warm and safe during the winter. But hot air tends to dry out the air, making wild places feel dry and uncomfortable.

Plants, woodwork, and furniture can suffer from dry skin, stuffy noses, and headaches. While store-bought humidifiers will help, they are costly and waste energy. Instead, try these DIY humidifier options.

Plants, plants, plants

Aside from indicating dry air, wilted house plants are the easiest methods to improve air quality. Plants exhale water vapor through transpiration. However, it isn’t always visible. In a dry climate, they can enhance air quality and stimulate oxygen production.

The shower solution

Your shower is a beautiful location to start to increase your home’s humidity. Showering with the door open or opening it immediately afterward allows moist air from the bathroom into the rest of the house. Turn off the exhaust fan to avoid blowing humidified air outside.

Place containers of water on heat sources

Put water-filled pots or vases near your heaters to create a home humidifier. Fasten a heavy ceramic or metal pot to a wood stove or hot water radiator. If you must move the pool, wear heat-resistant potholders or insulated gloves.

A basin of water adjacent to wall vents and electric heat registers will do. Water evaporation gives much-needed moisture to the atmosphere, regardless of source.


Give your dryer a break.

Drying damp garments in the dryer is easy, but it won’t solve your dry air issues. Instead, keep a drying rack handy for wet clothes. The wonderful smell will fill the house and make drying the clothes more enjoyable.

The sun’s rays and a decorative vase

If you have a vase, use it as a humidifier. Place the vase on a sunny windowsill with water in it to harness the sun’s inherent evaporation power.

Simple DIY humidifier made with a vase and sun-heated water. Remember to replenish the water supply at least twice a week.

Hit the pet shop

An aquarium partner or two can add moisture to your home’s air while entertaining you. No matter how big or small the tank is, the humidity will inevitably seep out into the surrounding air. Daily dehumidification of lidded tanks is required by removing or opening the flip-down lid for a few hours.

Add a water feature.

A clear DIY humidifier idea is a bit indoor water feature on a tabletop. Small waterfalls and bubblers will leak water into the atmosphere. Running water is also calming, so this DIY humidifier has multiple uses.

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