Doctors Mira believes that the only time she would have known?

In Greenland, thousands of women, some as young as 12, had contraceptives implanted in their wombs as part of a Danish campaign against Greenland’s Inuit population growth in the 60s and 1970s.

The Danish government announced that it would conduct an independent investigation into the so-called “Coil Campaign”.

The BBC has received accounts from women regarding recent involuntary contraception. There are growing calls to expand the investigation.

Bebiane was 21 when she had to go to the hospital to get a coil inserted. However, Bebiane learned that one was already inside of her.

“I can still remember the pain in my eyes, and I said that I didn’t understand why I had a coil in my body. How could I forget when it was put in?”

Bebiane believes that the only time the coil was inserted without her knowledge was during an abortion she had at 16 in the early 2000s.

She suffered severe abdominal pain for four years, causing her to be unable climb stairs.

“I visited the hospital so many time and they didn’t know what was wrong with my… The pain came when my period came, but it also came when my period didn’t come.”

She was determined to get pregnant but she had not been able to conceive for more than a year.

Bebiane says to me, “Every time that I would get my period…I would cry.”

She decided to stop trying for a while and get a coil installed, because her friends had wrongly advised her that it would increase her fertility.

It was then that she realized the one she needed had been made.

She had her loan taken out and abandoned all plans to get a new one. She became pregnant after a few months.

Mira’s experience is even more recent. She discovered that she had a coil in her body when a doctor performed a medical exam.

She says, “I was so stunned.”

Mira believes that the only time she would have known it was during her 2018 minor uterine surgery.

For a year, she suffered from intense pain after the surgery. This was a constant complaint that her doctor dismissed until she saw a specialist who discovered the coil.

Mira, now 45 years old, claims that the doctor told Mira that the coil had punctured her uterus.

She was exhausted by medical complications she believed were caused by the coil and decided to have her uterus completely removed.

She claims that the operation was not successful and she cannot have sex anymore because it causes more bleeding and excruciating pain.

The coil isn’t the only contraceptive device that has been found in Greenland’s female population.

Annita, not her real name, woke up in 2011 after an abortion with a “limp sensation” in her arm. She saw that the bandage had been removed. The Danish doctor explained to her that it was a contraceptive device, which is a small flexible plastic rod placed under the skin on the upper arm.

Annita, now 31 years old, says that her doctor explained to her that the implant was inserted as she was having her fourth child.

She tells me, “It was so terrible… he really crossed a line.” “I felt violated.”

She wanted it to be removed. He refused, she claims. The doctor finally agreed to remove the implant after she started pulling off the bandage and threatened to remove the implant herself.

Twenty-eight-year-old Saara, whose name we’ve also changed, says she, too, regained consciousness after an operation to make a shocking discovery.

It was 2014. She had been under general anaesthesia for a procedure after a miscarriage. However, she woke up to find a Danish nurse injecting the contraceptive Depo Provera.

“I didn’t know what it was, and she didn’t ask me if it was my desire,” she says to me. “Just that I should return to the hospital every three months to get it,” she adds.

According to her, the nurse did not give the drug’s name. She was able to find the name of the drug online after she found it.

Saara continued to use it for a while, but it was not until she gave up on the drug that she fell pregnant.

She claims she was not told Depo Provera could alter her menstrual cycle up to 12 months following her last injection.

Greenland and Denmark agreed in September to start a two-year investigation. It will investigate what happened between 1991 and 1991 when Greenland assumed control of the country’s health system.


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