Donald Trump’s former CFO Allen Weisselberg New York City’s Rikers Island Jail Complex?

Donald Trump’s long-serving executive Allen Weisselberg’s testimony in his tax fraud trial helped convict Trump’s former company. He was accused of evading taxes on $1.7million worth of job perks.

Juan Manuel Merchan, a New York judge, is expected to sentence Mr. Weisselberg to five months imprisonment, as per a plea agreement that was reached in August.

The sentence was promised to Mr. Weisselberg (75), when he agreed that he would plead guilty to 15 tax offenses and testify against the company. He has been with the company since the mid-80s.

He will be serving his sentence at New York City’s Rikers Island Jail Complex when he is done. If he behaves well behind bars, he will be eligible to be released in no more than three months.

In addition to his plea agreement, Mr. Weisselberg will have to pay almost $2 million in taxes and penalties. He said that he made substantial progress paying these taxes. He also must complete five years probation.

If Mr. Weisselberg reneges on the agreement or fails to testify at the Trump Organisation’s case, he could face up to 15 years imprisonment. In the Manhattan district attorney’s three-year investigation into Mr. Trump’s business practices, he is the only one charged.

Three days of testimony by Mr. Weisselberg gave a glimpse into Mr. Trump’s inner workings. Since 1973, Mr. Weisselberg worked as an accountant for Fred Trump’s developer father. He then joined Donald Trump in 1986. This allowed him to expand the company’s reach beyond New York City and make it a global hotel and golf brand.

Jurors were told by Mr. Weisselberg that he had conspired with a subordinate in order to conceal more than a decade of additional income. This included a Manhattan apartment, luxury cars, and tuition for his grandchildren’s private schools. He claimed they falsified W-2 forms and fudged payroll records.

In December, a Manhattan jury found the Trump Organisation guilty of being a “high-ranking” agent who was entrusted with the responsibility to act for the company and its subsidiaries. The arrangement by Mr. Weisselberg reduced his personal income taxes and saved the company money as it didn’t have the expense of paying him more.

Prosecutors also claimed that other Trump Organisation executives accepted off-the books compensation. Only Mr. Weisselberg was charged with defrauding the federal, state, and city of more than $900,000 in unpaid taxes, and undeserved tax refunds.

The Trump Organisation will be sentenced on January 13, and could face a maximum $1.6 million fine.

He testified that Mr. Trump and his family did not know about the scheme. Weisselberg choked up and said that he believed that Trump was committing tax fraud. But prosecutors said that Mr. Trump knew exactly what was happening. They also pointed out that Weisselberg signed a lease for Weisselberg’s apartment that clearly stated that “Mr. Trump explicitly supports tax fraud. Michael van der Veen, a Trump Organisation lawyer, said that Mr. Weisselberg devised the scheme without Trump and his family being aware.

He said that the Trumps were loyal to him, even though the company was trying to change some of its questionable pay practices after Mr. Trump’s election. After an internal audit revealed that he was reducing his pay and bonuses to cover the cost of perks, Mr. Trump’s oldest son, who was entrusted with running the company during Trump’s presidency, gave him a $2,000,000 raise.

Although he is on leave, the company continues paying Mr. Weisselberg $6,000.00 in salary and $5.00,000. in holiday bonuses. He was only punished by the company after his July 2021 arrest. The company reassigned him to senior advisor and moved his office.

In August, he celebrated his 75th Birthday at Trump Tower with his colleagues and cake just hours after completing the plea agreement. This was his transformation from a loyal executive to a prosecution witness.

Rikers Island is a complex of 10 jails located on a small piece of land in the East River. It is just off the main runway of LaGuardia Airport, Queens. Inmates have been killed and there has been a severe staffing shortage.


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