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Are you a video editor looking to deliver unique experiences? You might also be looking for animation programs that can trigger emotions. A professional animation doesn’t require a lot of money.

You can create animated videos that you have created using modern, free animation software. This guide will explain how Doratoon can be used to create stuff, edit films, or express your creativity. Let’s get started.

Doratoon: A Free Online Animation Software to Let Your Creativity Shine

Doratoon, a cartoon creator for amateurs and professionals, allows you to make high-quality animated videos. You can let your imagination go wild thanks to its intuitive cartoon capabilities and personalized options. This tool makes it easy to create video content with Doratoon using an intuitive user interface. Cloud-based technology makes it possible to create online video animation from any device and any location.

With thousands upon thousands of animated templates, you can show your creativity and create videos for many causes like:

  • Whiteboard Graphics Doratoon makes it easy to reach diverse markets by providing pre-made whiteboard templates. A unique and fun way to show your imagination and get the word out is to draw static drawings on a board.
  • Cartoon ClipsYou might use Doratoon for creating a comic video online that conveys your ideas artistically. This could be a great way to help your business create animated videos that can be shared with partners and used as a resource by customers.
  • AI Clever Paint –This special function makes use of AI in order to predict what you’ll draw on the device. It provides a variety icons, words and shapes as well as the ability to instantly select colours.
  • Explainer Videos-Doratoon makes creating short videos easy. These videos can be used to explain complex concepts and describe products or services.
  • YouTube clips:Content creators will be able to use Doratoon in order to create visually appealing vlogs.

Features for Doratoon

Doratoon allows you to access a wide range of cutting-edge capabilities for content creation. Here is a closer look at these features.

  • Powerpoint Transformation –Doratoon – This tool is ideal for turning your PowerPoint into an interactive media player. It offers PPT video transformation that will help you present your information in more effective and favourable settings
  • Intelligent Subtitling When a person wants to add captions but doesn’t speak your language you can use Smart Subtitles, another smart option. It immediately detects the dubbing material, and correctly transforms it for your viewer to use as subtitles.
  • Auto-lip Synchro – Thanks to Doratoon’s autolipsync, the figures you select seem to be speaking in steady sync to the sound.
  • Format painter –This feature allows users add audio files to project files. You can record your voice, or use AI synthesis for text-to-speech conversions to better communicate with your audience.

This online animation service is still top-rated for its features and display effects, increasing your chances of communicating your message more effectively. For more creative ideas, use the library’s 8000+ actions or facial expressions.

* Doratoon offers both a monthly and a yearly subscription plan. For both plans, the basic package is free. You can also use the free templates and free fonts, and soundtracks.

How to Use Doratoon to Make Animations Online Free

Doratoon is a web-based platform that allows you to make animated videos without the need for any special software. This is how it works:

Step One

  1. Log in to your account
  2. The Workbenchpage allows you to select your category or search for your favorite template using the search bar. To start a project, click create.


  1. You can preview the template to determine if it meets your needs. If you wish to continue using a template, click on edit. You can also import material directly from another cloud or local storage.
  2. Edit and add text, animations, props and other objects to the left menu. You can add scenes to adjust the video length.
  3. You can edit page settings by clicking the Page menu.


  1. Once you are done click on Publish at the top right corner.
  2. Give your video an Title. Then, select the FormatCover or Definition.
  3. Click Export to download and save your video. You can also click share on social for your creativity to be shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Use Doratoon to Make Animations

Doratoon gives you many options to create animated free of cost. Here are some examples:

  • Easily Available –Doratoon offers the cheapest and most cost-effective way to animated your videos. The pro version comes with many advantages, including the ability to download your video in 1080p resolutions.
  • 1000+ Animated characters –Using Doratoon animated characters, users can convey emotion and ideas to highlight individuals.
  • Advanced Effects, Motion Graphics andAnimateurs can create professional corporate videos with minimal effort using a variety of visual effects.
  • Custom watermark addition – You have the option to add or remove watermarks from your video. Doratoon helps you to certify your videos, as they bear your mark.
  • Quick publishing – Once you have finished the video, it will take just minutes to publish. You can download the video and either share it or upload it to your social networks.


We have covered the Doratoon online animation tool in the previous article. The best features of the cartoon creator that can serve multiple portfolios have been explained. Doratoon promises its users greatness. This makes it an excellent choice to help users unleash their creativity in 2022. It’s easy to use and makes animation tasks quick and simple.


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