Electronicshubb Reviews – What is Electronicshubb?

Today we’ll provide you with the information of an online website called Electronicshubb. It is currently located within the United Kingdom, and is believed to be one of the more trusted electronic appliance selling site on the internet. It provides a variety of products like washing machines, televisions as well as printers, projectors and printers and more.

Today, people are entirely dependent on technology for work and personal and household tasks. Thus the demand for electronics is always on the rise.

Let’s see what the website has to offer through the following reviews of Electronicshubb..

What is Electronicshubb?

It’s a global website that specializes in the sale of integrated home or office appliance like TVs, laptops games, dishwashers microwaves, washing machines and more. The site offers the most comprehensive selection of high-quality equipment to meet your needs as well as an experienced staff that can help you in choosing the best appliance for your needs.

However, we cannot assure you of the above statements because it appears to be an attempt to attract buyers. In addition, each product has an informative paragraph that helps shoppers get a better understanding of the product’s features and use.

In spite of these benefits however, the majority of people from United Kingdom find it difficult to believe the website with this little information. Therefore, people are keen to learn more about whether Electronicshubb legitimate or a fraudulent store.

What exactly are the requirements for the online web site?

  • Online site’s URL- https://electronicshubb.co.uk/
  • Electronic appliances – Offers
  • Launch date-25/08/2021
  • Social mediaare not available for purchase
  • Shipping is free of charge.
  • Delivery timeframe not given.
  • Return and exchange policy- within 30 days
  • Refund period: within 7 days
  • Payment method: credit cards and PayPal
  • Email ID- [email protected]
  • Telephone number +447897081113
  • Location of the company office 4 219 Kensington High Street, London, England, W8 6BD
  • Newsletter- available

If you’ve made your mind to purchase items through this site, then we recommend that you read the Electronicshubb reviews until the end to be able to discern the real motives of the website.

Benefits of Electronicshubb

  • The URL of the website is SSL secured.
  • Positive comments from customers are posted online.
  • The certified mail server is accessible.
  • A variety of different products are on offer on the site.
  • Contact details for all parties are provided.
  • FREE shipping for all purchases.
  • 30 days money-back assurance.

Drawbacks of Electronicshubb

  • Social media pages are not available.
  • There aren’t any special discounts to be had.
  • The feedbacks of shoppers are not mentioned on the official website.

Is Electronicshubb Legit?

In this regard we have summarized every detail to assess the legitimacy of the website. Furthermore, before coming to any conclusion and making any order on the site , be sure to verify the authenticity of the site. In the present, any store can be trusted because frauds on the internet are growing each day. Therefore, it is imperative to do all research and analyzes.

Here’s the list of checks that can assist in determining the website’s credibility.

  • Date of launch of domain name- Electronicshubb domain name was launched on the date that on the 25th of August, 2021.
  • Feedback from customers – there are no Electronicshubb reviews posted on the site however feedbacks are found in other sources.
  • Domain expiration date – the domain’s name will no longer be valid until the 25th of August 2022.
  • Social media connections – the official website doesn’t have any hyperlinks on it therefore the website isn’t available with any other websites or social media handles.
  • Alexa rank: According to the sources, there was no site’s Alexa rank results could be found.
  • The trust score is important. Be careful because the site has been awarded a an unsatisfactory score of at 2 percent.
  • Trust rank- The trust index has found an under-average trust rank which is 27.5 percent.
  • No cash-saving deals are provided
  • Quality of content – The average quality content is on the site.

Which are buyers Electronicshubb Review?

The website is strangely not have any feedback or ratings for it. However, on the reputable reviews page, the website has been awarded 3.8 stars of rating and decent comments. On the other hand the reviews, certain people claimed that the site has top-quality products as well as rapid delivery.

We should however keep waiting for more people to comment on their experiences since the reviews aren’t as extensive.


We take that positive Electronicshubb reviews as positive We take the positive reviews into consideration, but we advise people to verify everything they have checked before making any decision. It is therefore best to wait for reviews to come in.

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