Elon Musk says $8 monthly fee for Twitter blue tick – Check Full Details !

Elon Musk stated that Twitter would charge $8 per month (PS7) to users who want a blue mark by their name, indicating they have a verified Twitter account.

Musk stated that it was essential to defeat spam/scam as part of the changes following a $44bn (PS38bn), takeover of the social media website.

The blue tick mark located next to a username is usually for high-profile figures. It is currently free.

Critics warn that the move could make it more difficult to find reliable sources.

Musk, the richest man in the world, said that paid users would be given priority for replies and searches and half as many ads.

“Power to the people!” The billionaire tweeted “Blue for $8/month”, criticizing the old blue tick verification system as a “lords-and-peasants” system.

Twitter used to verify users for blue ticks using a simple online application. This was for people whose identities were subject to impersonation such as politicians, celebrities and journalists.

After a lawsuit, the company implemented the system in 2009.

Musk faces a daunting task as he tries to revamp Twitter’s business. It hasn’t posted a profit for years.

He stated that he wanted to decrease Twitter’s dependence on advertising, even though some companies are becoming more concerned about advertising on Twitter under his leadership.

General Motors, a rival to Mr Musk’s electric-car company Tesla, announced last week that it would suspend advertising on the site.

A media buyer at a major advertising company told BBC that while Mr Musk’s changes are being implemented, other brands have temporarily halted advertising on the platform.

IPG, one of the largest advertising firms in the world, advised its clients Monday to suspend Twitter ads for a week. They cited a need to have more information on Twitter’s plans to increase “trust and security” on the platform. IPG receives billions of pounds annually from some of the biggest brands in the world to manage their marketing budgets.

After initial reports that the charge for blue-tick privileges could be $20 per month (PS18), some people were skeptical about the charges.

Many users of the platform agreed with Stephen King’s statement, which was made in response to news that Twitter had changed and instead “should pay me”.

Musk wrote to King, saying that “we need to pay the bills somehow!”


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