Eluxhome Reviews ( Aug 2022 ) – Key Specifications of This Portal

Are you interested in Eluxhome Review? If you are interested in all the latest information on Eluxhome.com, please read this article.

Are you unsure if Eluxhome.com is reliable for online shoppers? Are you looking for links to the most recent comments from Eluxhome.com. Scammers are using various methods to commit fraud online and offline.

According to numerous reports, scammers have been reported from the United States, leading to financial loss. You can also view the Eluxhome Review that is associated with Eluxhome.com in the sections below.

What is Eluxhome.com?

Our inquiry revealed that the portal’s About Us page states it was established in 2019 and has expertise in ecommerce. The website stated that it was committed to providing online shoppers with the most recent and exciting products, while offering decent customer service. We also saw it selling products such as coolers, air conditioners, and lubricating oils.

To avoid any transaction loss, it is important to carefully review all parameters before you buy anything on this website. Below, you will find important information about Eluxhome. Is Eluxhome Legit. Keep reading.

Key Specifications of This Portal

  • We discovered that the website’s official link is https://www.eluxhome.com.
  • Website stated that refunds would be made within five to ten business days for credit card payments.
  • The office address was determined to be 85-34, 118th Street, Jamaica, NY 11418, USA.
  • Eluxhome.com lists appliances such as refrigerators, coolers and other accessories. Accessories
  • Survey respondents approved that the newsletter subscription option was available on the website.
  • This portal has a phone number that can be reached at +1 (202) 992-8703
  • The website will notify you via email when your order has been shipped.
  • Our Eluxhome Review examination revealed that the site allows customers to return their product within 30 days.
  • While browsing the site, we discovered that social icons were absent.
  • The portal stated that delivery of orders purchased would take between 5 and 9 days.
  • PayPal, JCB and VISA are the payment options available.
  • The shopper must contact team with order number to exchange purchases.
  • Eluxhome.com was launched on 24/12/2021, indicating that it is now 8 months and 2 day old.
  • Shoppers can approach the website’s executive through the email address [email protected].

Perks Found On The Site

  • We noticed that Eluxhome Review had both the contact information and the office location information.
  • Eluxhome.com has received many positive reviews.
  • You can subscribe to our newsletter.

Disadvantages Notified

  • No social icons were found in our inquiry.
  • The majority of reviews are negative.

Is Eluxhome.com A False Site?

  • Discount Information – We noticed that certain items in this shop have reduced prices. It is possible that the site could scam you.
  • Domain Freezing Day – It was discovered that Eluxhome.com would cease to exist on 24/12/2022.
  • Reviews Assembled – Trustpilot did not receive any feedback during our inspection. We did however find several negative comments on other sites and Google. This raised questions like Is Eluxhome Legit.
  • Trust Ranking– 47.6/100 was the value we discovered while researching Eluxhome.com.
  • Owner’s Information– We detected no connected strings.
  • Bulk-Purchasing Option – We inquired about this facility.
  • Alexa Rank – 1802566 was the value we fetched during inspecting.
  • Portal Creation Time – It was discovered that it was created 8 months ago on 24/12/2021.
  • Trust Score – We found a low value of 5%.
  • Address Originality During our inspection, we found that the address at which the website is located was the one listed.
  • Social icons Presence – The investigation found that the icons were available.

What Are Shoppers’ Eluxhome Review ?

Trustpilot received no credible comments regarding this online shop. Two negative reviews on another site criticized the online shop as a fraud. Eluxhome.com also received four negative reviews on another review platform. They claimed that they only sell faulty products. The website received a rating of 1 stars on Google.


This article exposed the legitimacy and shadiness of Eluxhome.com. In hindsight, it is a suspicious and questionable website.


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