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EpicSkins2021 EpicSkins2021is a website that was launched to serve as an Roblox generator within the United StatesThe website is available in both HTML2 and HTML3.As you’re aware that you have to purchase several stands in Roblox games to improve your capabilities. The stands are sold with a reasonable price. What about getting the free RoBux instead of purchasing these stands?

Before you test an Roblox generator Do you want to make sure your data security isn’t compromised? We suggest to read an extensive review of Epicskins2021.com.

Brief of Epicskins2021:

EpicSkins2021 is a site that offers giveaways providing 1K, 2500 and 6500 and 10K RoBux credit. It’s easy to get credits. You must enter your username and choose the OS platform for the Roblox account. EpicSkins2021 is connected with your Roblox account, and allows you to select how much credit you’ll need. After you have selected the amount, you will be taken to the verification screen . you must:

  • Take a FREE Survey
  • Install an App and Register
  • Install an App and Run it for 30 Seconds

After you have completed an activity, EpicSkins2021 will try to charge to your Roblox account.

Features of Epicskins2021 com :

EpicSkins2021 is a single-page site that allows users to input their Roblox account details and then complete the requirements. It is a one-page website it doesn’t provide any information regarding its E-mail address, physical Address, Contact information,

Social media hyperlinks terms of service, privacy policies Owner’s contact information, and Payment mode.

Positive Highlights:

  • EpicSkins2021.com provides the RoBux prize for those who complete easy tasks like setting up and operating an application or completing a survey and so on.

Negative Highlights:

  • User data is at risk when using these websites.
  • No contact details to reach customer service
  • EpicSkins2021.com did not provide a date for when they would be able to get RoBux acknowledged

Is Epicskins2021.com Legit?

  • Epicskins2021.com Date of creation 14th March 2021 at 03:54.59
  • Site Age Epicskins2021 has been operating for eight months. 11 days old.
  • Website Expiry:14th March 2022 at 02:54:59
  • Credibility: Epicskins2021 gained only just 1% (TERRIBLE).
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: 2/100
  • Threat Profile:31/100
  • Phishing Score: 31/100
  • Malware Score:17/100
  • Spam Score: 0/100. It’s a positive signal.
  • Social media: Epicskins2021 did not have a account on any social networks.

Review by customers

  • There are two videos as well as reviews of Epicskins2021 available on YouTube. One review concludes that Epicskins2021 may be a scam. A different video shows how a user can get free RoBux after performing two tasks at Epicskins2021.com.
  • A lot of reviews are available on trusted review sites and on the internet, providing information about that any free RoBux giveaways, with the exception that Roblox is a fraud.
  • There is no way for review or feedback from the users of Epicskins2021.com
  • Alexa rank is 1920158, which is considered low.

Final Verdict:

Based on a confidence score, 1% trust and an extensive threats profile and user reviews online, EpicSkins2021.com is NOT a legitimate website. Roblox is not a partner with any websites belonging to third parties. If you don’t want to risk the privacy of your personal information, we suggest that you download RoBux from the official Roblox website.

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