ESL Pro League Season 16: Stream, Scores, Analysis

The second edition of the most prestigious league in CS:GO esports, ESL Pro League, is underway. From August 31 to October 2, a total of 24 teams in attendance will compete for a huge $823,000 prize pool. But the best part is that this edition of the contest will be the first since Pro League Season 10 to be played on LAN at the Salini Resort, Malta. The past four seasons had to be played online due to the pandemic.

But before following the action live, the tournament will have to determine the top 12 squads qualified for the Playoffs. As for now, 24 of the best CS:GO teams are competing in the four single-elimination format groups, with six teams in each group respectively. Here’s all the essential information you may need to keep track of progress on the ad-hoc tournament.

Where and How to Watch

According to the csgo tournament schedule, the sixteen season of the ESL Pro League will be broadcast on ESL’s main CS:GO channel on Twitch, YouTube, and the official operator’s website. It is worth noting that the last day of each group will have simultaneous matches going on. Thus, don’t forget to check the second and third streaming services to follow your favorite squad.

In addition, it is expected that the event will be broadcast by popular community casters, including Gaules in Brazil and 99Damage in Germany, for those who prefer to watch the matches in their first language. Typically, their streams can be found in the CS:GO section of streaming platforms.

Group A: Scores and Results

Following the results of the first four days, we have the following standings from  Group A:

  • Team Vitality: 4-0
  • Natus Vincere: 2-2
  • Fnatic: 2-2
  • Team Spirit: 2-2
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas: 1-3
  • Endpoint: 1-3

From that, only the French team has already guaranteed itself a place in the playoffs at any possible outcome, leaving the group from first place and immediately getting to the Quarterfinals. With that said, any team can grab onto the remaining two slots in the Playoffs. The most realistic outcome is the victories of the NaVi and Fnatic, in which the teams reach the playoffs with a score of 3-2.

Analysis of Group A’s Final Matches

On the final day of Group A, there are three series, including Team Vitality vs. Team Spirit, NaVi vs. NiP, and Fnatic vs. Endpoint. Even if Spirit beats the French organization, the situation will not change. It will be three teams with a score of 3-2, but the Ukrainian team will reach the Playoffs due to personal victories over both competitors. Likewise, Fnatic also defeated the Russian organization, which means it will advance to the Playoffs Round 12 of the ESL Pro League S16.

If only Fnatic wins, then NiP, NaVi, and Team Spirit will have the same score of 2-3, and their personal meetings will not help since each team won against one and lost the other. In this regard, the decisive factor will be the difference between the maps won and lost, among all the series played. At the moment, NaVi has a score of 5/5, Spirit has 4/5, and ninjas have 2/6. Hence, the Ukrainian squad will advance to the Playoff stage if they win at least one card against ninjas.

If only Endpoint wins, then four teams will have a score of 2-3 at once. On top of that, the situation can be even worse if Team Spirit also loses to the French team. We will have five teams with the same win/loss ratio. Fnatic’s score for maps is 6/4, Endpoint’s is 3/6. In this way, chances are that NaVi and Fnatic will enter the playoffs by map difference.

However, if Natus Vincere loses the decisive match against NiP, they have less chance of going out to the Playoffs. Let’s look more closely at their current situation.

Natus Vincere’s Chances

As we have said earlier, the difference between the maps won and lost is decisive: NaVi has a score of 5/5 and NiP has 2/6. With this outcome, the Ukrainian organization will advance to the Playoffs if they win at least one card against ninjas.

The Swedish-based team turned out to be the weakest in the first group. Before the last match against Endpoint, they had the worst map difference and the last place in the rankings. Most likely, Natus Vincere will easily defeat the team and advance to the Playoffs. But if it doesn’t work out, the team will have to rely on the results of personal meetings and count the ratio of all the maps played. Anyway, the players still have decent numbers in the difference in maps and rounds.


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