Eternals stars – Gemma Chan and Richard Madden discuss the film’s timeless love story

If you’re looking to be immortal with an off-and-on relationship for a period of seven hundred years, it’s helpful when you have a background.

Real-life buddies Gemma Chan and Richard Madden are the main characters Sersi as well as Ikaris on the set of Marvel’s Eternals, an epic adventure by Academy Award-winning Nomadland director Chloe Zhao. The film (out on November. 5) follows a group old-fashioned superhumans as they defend mankind throughout history with a stellar ensemble which is comprised of Kumail Nanjiani Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keoghan, Don Lee, Salma Hayek, and Angelina Jolie. It’s Sersi Ikaris’ romantic romance that is the heart of the film, which spans from the present-day London to back to their initial appearance on earth in around 5,000 B.C.

For EW’s Fall Movie Review We sat down with Madden 35 and Chan 38, to gain insights about how they learned to bring their unending relationship to life.

Entertainment Weekly How did you and your friend first meet?

GEMA CHAN I’m thinking that it’s just social.

Richard Madden: Because we have so many common friends.

CHAN It’s a tiny globe in London.

MADDEN We ended in spending lots and plenty of time together. I believe we were able to not have jobs simultaneously which helped in the sense of, “Oh, great, you’re also not working.” “[Laughs] He laughsWe never talked about work!


MADDEN This is why it’s hilarious that we’ve were able to work as a team, but we’ve never actually recognized each other in the business or spoken to one another about work.

How did you feel to being part of the film Eternal?

MADDEN Over the joy. We’ve been with each other for more than 10 years, so should you be going to work, then get up and meet an individual at 4:00 a.m. every single day it’s much easier if you are a fan of the person you’re seeing them. Since we’ve been friends for over the years, we have the trust and relationship. We are aware of how to press one another’s buttons. We are able to make one another laugh. We were looking to bring out the most positive aspects of each other and it’s just an enjoyable, natural experience instead of getting to know one person on the first date and then being as if “Hey, you’ve got to make out now.”

Gemma You’ve appeared in the MCU before, in Minn-Erva from 2019’s Captain Marvel. What did you think of when they approached you to join the team for Eternals?

CHAN The reason I wasn’t anticipating to be asked back in such a short time. When I talked to Marvel Studios presidentKevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige and he said, “We would love to have you back,” I thought he was being nice. He laughed. He laughsPerhaps one day in the future, but not at all. It was an enjoyable surprise. It was also nice to work on this project was an absolute pleasure. Naturally, I couldn’t put it down.

It was this millennium-spanning epic that first captivated you?

MADDEN for me it was the fascination of having an entity that’s many years old. what is it that inspires them to continue living? Is it something about their surroundings that they love?

CHAN Then I was thrilled to play this character in which I’ve never had a superhero as like her before. She’s a wild spirit. She’s not your typical warrior type of superhero. I was intrigued by the mixture of characters too as their getting together and figuring out] their unique characteristics as a somewhat dysfunctional family.

Richard Your Game of Thrones brother Kit Harington also appears in Eternals. What happened to the reunion?

MADDEN The film is fantastic. I’m sure I’ve known Kit for a number of years, and unfortunately we don’t have the opportunity to do many things in the movie together. However, I do get an opportunity with him when we meet and greet and it’s great to work with someone you trust and trust and have been with for many years. On the set, it was sort similar to hanging with acquaintances, then it’s like “Oh, right, we’ve got to do acting now? Okay.”

For each one of you What was the most difficult problem of playing these legendary heroes that seem untouchable?

CHAN: It was for me the finding of moments that brought truth in the chaos of an entire production in the midst of everything happening and the difficulties of shooting in the field. It was finding moments to remain still, or be in a very intimate tiny moment — that makes you feel grounded through it.

MADDEN I’d like to say the same. It’s discovering these moments of truth in the lasers and battle monsters, and then being thrown into the rocks and upside down. They’re superheroes, however, they’re also souls and they’re also human beings with complicated feelings and relationships that span for a long period of time. We wanted to discover the truth and authenticity during those times, dressed in superhero costumes and diving off cliffs and other things.

How was it like the process of superhero training in terms of training?

CHAN: [To Madden] Oh my gosh, you have to do so much.

MADDEN because I’m constantly flying in the film as I’m flying on cables in my studio as well as at various places. It’s a bit difficult since you’re required to act that it’s easy, but it’s actually a sort of corset, with your feet high up and blood is going to your head and you’re required to swim in like you’re super cool, and in reality you’re screaming inside. It helps to have someone to tell you, “Hey, does this look dumb?” And then they’ll respond, “Yeah, you look like Peter Pan.”

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