Etika NFT – ( Jan 2022 ) About Desmond Daniel Amofah (Etika)

Have you caught wind of the arrival of non-fungible tokens to remember a famous YouTuber and the debates the symbolic makers looked on significant online media stages? If not, read this article to comprehend the social discussions occurring with the symbolic delivery.

Fans and devotees of the superstar YouTuber from the United States are exceptionally frustrated by the choice made by the symbolic makers. Fans have communicated their shock at the authority online media handles of the symbolic designers. Study Etika NFT.

About Desmond Daniel Amofah (Etika)
Desmond Daniel Amofah, broadly known as Etika, was an American YouTuber, model, rapper, and online decoration who got ubiquity for his response recordings related with Super Smash Bros. He began his YouTube venture in 2006 by making a record, “TR1Iceman”.

Etika had a big name status with a gigantic devotee base until everything self-destructed from October 2018. To begin with, his authority web-based media records and YouTube channels got taken out for posting recordings that abused web-based media strategies. Then, at that point, after the record cancellation, he had a progression of breakdowns prompting his self destruction.

Etika NFT
Etika workmanship assortments in NFTs were delivered on the Rarible NFT commercial center. This NFT assortment has no authority relationship with Etika.
The makers named the assortment EtikaPunks and reported the arrival of the NFT assortments through their Twitter account.
The assortment comprises of four computerized expressions with Etika’s face.
The facial picture on the NFT expressions is something very similar with various foundations and extras.
One NFT workmanship had the sun behind the scenes while the other had an extension as a foundation.
The workmanship that representations Etika with a banana in his grasp got huge analysis.
Fans Response
Etika NFT for the most part gotten negative input via web-based media.
A large portion of the Etika fans are irritated by the arrival of the NFT assortments.
Fans and supporters are utilizing words like “dishonorable,” “revolting,” and “gross” to communicate their conflict with the arrival of the NFT assortments.
Indeed, even superstars like Hype Guy communicated their solid assessment against the arrival of the NFTs. He utilized his authority Twitter record to answer to EtikaPunks.
TheNCSmaster tweeted to his fans and supporters to report and hinder the Twitter record of EtikaPunks.
Etika Punks Marketplace
The NFTs are recorded on the Rarible commercial center.
The agreement address for Etika NFT is 0x31483dca8a8a8bfe0f688c7228aefd37a35ac452.
Out of four NFT expressions, just three are for public deal.
The purchaser needs to pay in WETH tokens to buy the NFTs.
EtikaPunk 3 expense 1.3 WETH, while EtikaPunk 2 expense 0.01 WETH and EtikaPunk 1 expense 0.015 WETH.
As NFT has been a moving point as of late, individuals are attempting to make workmanship assortments to acquire ubiquity in the NFT commercial center. Notwithstanding, there are blended conclusions on the NFTs made on Etika via online media. To find out about the theme, if it’s not too much trouble, visit.

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