Evaless Reviews – What is Evaless.com?

Does evaless.com appear to be a legitimate web page to you? If so, what do you think if we said we came across some suspect negatives about it while conducting research? We’ll discuss all of these in this post.

Evaless.com is an internet-based clothing site specifically designed for women. It delivers across all of the United States, and a few other countries. It is recommended that you knew about the website to ensure that you don’t get into a trap.

So, take a look at Evaless reviews and determine whether evaless.com can be trusted to shop online or not.

What is Evaless.com?

Evaless.com is an internet-based shopping site for women’s clothes and accessories.

According to the website, it’s an United America-based clothing brand that launched in April of 2017. The brand initially sold its merchandise through Amazon but in April of 2017 they decided to launch the boutique of women’s clothing that is independentcalled evaless.com. However, the items aren’t sold through Amazon at the moment.

They are committed to providing fashionable, practical and affordable priced clothes that make them feel beautiful, confident and relaxed in their daily life. They assure high-quality and quick delivery of the products.

For authenticity, look out for the the Is Evaless Legal segment. There are jackets, coats cardsigans and graphic tops. Hoodies and dresses and bottoms. In accessories, you can find jewellery, bags as well as shoes and socks.

Specifications of Evaless.com

  • URL: https://evaless.com/
  • Domain age: This domain is four years, eight months, and 17 days old when that it was registered with its owners on April 13, 2017.
  • Boutique for women’s clothes
  • Telephone number: (570) 500-0510
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Address of the Warehouse: Huinan Industrial Zone, Yucheng Village, Zhangban Town, Taishang Investment Zone, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
  • Hours of operation: not specified.
  • Social media icons appear In Evaless Review we say we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Tik Tok, Pinterest and YouTube icons with links are visible on the site. But their Twitter account is functioning, which makes us cautious.
  • Delivery and shipping policies The company has provided the various locations they deliver their products. Standard shipping can take between 8 and 20 business days, while processing time is two to seven business days. When the order is delivered the email will be sent out with a tracking number.
  • Accepted payment methods: In the Evaless Review piece, we point out that the website accepts online payment through PayPal or credit card, as well as wire transfer (for whom customers should inquire with their company).
  • Policy on cancellation: Orders may be cancelled prior to shipment
  • Warranty and Return: The company has a 30 day warranty and return policy in the event that the items received are incorrect or defective, damaged or are of the wrong size.
  • Refund policy: Refunds to PayPal accounts will be processed in 48 hours and credit card transactions are processed within 7-14 business day.

Pros of Evaless.com

  • Fast delivery and high-quality products.
  • Returns are simple
  • Secure checkout gateway

Cons of Evaless.com

  • Mixed customer reviews
  • The address of the warehouse is not authentic.

Is Evaless Legit?

  • Domain age Age of Domain: 4 years, 8 months , and 17 days 13/04/2017
  • Domain Expiry: 13/04/2022.
  • Score for trust 26/100
  • Trust Rank: 75.4/100
  • Alexa rank: #634,258
  • Plagiarized Content: Some content has been plagiarized from other online shopping sites.
  • Customer policies: The guidelines for customers are clear displayed on the website , along with these terms and conditions.
  • Reviews of customers: Mixed reviews and ratings can be found online on the Internet.
  • The originality of the address The warehouse address that is provided on the website is used by numerous fake websites. This is why it’s not legitimate.
  • Information about the owner: not disclosed
  • Links to social media and connections The Twitter account of the company is not in use; comments are disabled in certain YouTube videos however, and there aren’t any reviews or feedbacks posted on other social media sites.

Evaless Review of the Shoppers

On various sites, we have various ratings and reviews from customers for evaless.com.

Many customers have been raving about the quality of the product and service offered by the company. However, on the flip one hand, some have complained that the items are not of good quality and don’t fit well.

A customer reported that the gown she purchased wasn’t as pictured in the size of the dress, however she was in a position to request a return via customer service, and received a full reimbursement.

The Final Verdict

In Evaless Review, we discovered that evaless.com even though it’s an old and well-known website is not without a few issues which do not favor the business.

For instance the address is not legitimate, there is there is no review from customers for their Facebook accounts while the customer reviews posted on their site are mostly positive, however we have seen mixed reviews on other platforms , positive and negative.

We suggest that you read customer reviews before you shop at evaless.com since it comes with some peculiarities to it.

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