Facebook convinced time travel is real after ‘cellphone’ spotted in WWII pic?

It must be a man who has run out of time.

Facebook sleuths have found an unusual-looking man in a 1940s black-and-white photo. He appears to be using a high-tech device for this decade.

The mystery begins in 1943 in Reykjavik (Iceland), where the mysterious character can be seen among deployed US soldiers during World War II. According to the Sun

This man is not in his army fatigues. He stands out because he is wearing a light-colored trench coat and holding his hand close to his ears , just like a modern cellphone user .

Social media quickly jumped on the bandwagon, insisting that the man had to be a time traveler.

Internet sleuths believe they have found a time traveler in an older photo.

According to the outlet, the photo was first posted to the Icelandic Facebook group Gamlar in 2016. It was captioned “One thing draws attention to the beautiful picture”: “One is that above the windows, in the corner of the picture, is a man leaning over and using a cellphone.”

Hoffmann said, “I don’t know what I should say, I don’t think he’s just talking on a phone… He’s in a stupor and standing alone, wearing a different headdress from the others, and a scarf, and acting as we would today.”

Karolina Petursdottir (another user) even suggested a similarity to “Dr. According to the Mirror , Who?”

The picture was not only a niche photo, but it also made its way into a YouTube conspiracy theory video called “10 REAL Cases Of Time Travel That Cannot be Explained”.

People are imagining that there was a time traveler in 1940s photo.
Kristjan Hoffmann

Surprisingly though, no one involved proposed a theory that the man was a spy for Axis powers.

Instead, the more rational members of the Facebook group claimed that he was just checking to make sure his watch was functioning.

Others claimed he was just using a pipe tobacco and was going to scratch his ears while the photo was taken.




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