Folcin Reviews ( Aug 2022 ) – What are some of the benefits of shopping online?

This blog post includes honest Folcin Review information about an online garden product seller.

Is Folcin a legitimate business? After analyzing the market, we have listed the website offerings and services. We will then tell you if you should place an order through this ecommerce portal.

The website also offers quality equipment for gardens and homes at reasonable prices. The site currently targets international countries like India. If you’re interested in the products of this site, keep checking out these Folcin Review.

Additional information about Folcin

Folcin, an international online retailer selling garden and home equipment at a reasonable price, is a global business. Folcin claims it offers reliable customer service, fast shipping and returns, and 24/7 customer support.

Customers will also find exclusive items on the website’s homepage such as a water jet sprayer, automatic lawn sprinkler, and deluxe tools storage pouch. Customers will also find information about every product such as features, specifications and dimensions. But, Is Folcin Legit? Let’s clear up all doubts in this blog post.

Terms & Conditions of the Website

  • Official website link-
  • Launch date for domain names-15/08/2022
  • Newsletters – Available
  • Physical address- 110 North Bonnie Brae Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA
  • Social media connections – Not specified
  • Shipping charges: Free Worldwide
  • Payment Methods – Visa and Paypal
  • Refund policy – It takes some time
  • Within 30 days, exchange and return policy
  • Delivery time – Takes 5-8 business days
  • Telephone number +1 206-536-2473
  • Helpline email address- [email protected]

To find out more about the reliability of this website, please read these Folcin Review.

What are some of the benefits of shopping online?

  • This website specializes in the sale of household and garden equipment.
  • Worldwide shoppers, including from India,, are not required to pay shipping costs.
  • There is a flexible return policy and a refund policy.
  • Site has provided email address and physical address.

What are the drawbacks of shopping on the internet?

  • No ratings are available, but customer reviews can be found for every product.
  • This website is not connected to any social media platforms.
  • The portal does not have the helpline number.

Is Folcin Legit?

We have provided appropriate answers to this question throughout our research to help interested parties learn more about the legitimacy of this entity. The website is not legitimate, as experts have given it many red flags. We cannot also declare the legitimacy of the website as it is new.

This segment will also provide all the facts necessary to make informed decisions before moving forward. Continue reading.

  • Shopper’s comments – Unfortunately, there are no user comments on this website. Aside from that, there are no Folcin Review on the internet.
  • Domain creation date – The domain name was registered on 15/08/2022. The domain name is also only a few days old.
  • Validity of address – The area pin code and the location are invalid.
  • Copied content – We believe the site used plagiarized material under its policy page and product description page.
  • Trust index score – The site has a score of 2% on the 100.
  • Social media icons – This site is not available on most social media platforms.
  • Domain expiration date – The last day domain termination can be done is 15/08/2023.

Folcin Reviews

After extensive R&D, it was discovered that the online portal did not have any customer feedback information. The online portal does not publish reviews or provide feedback.

This site is not licensed and therefore shoppers are advised to stay away from it.

Final verdict

Let’s say you are interested in the equipment and tools on this site and wish to place an order. We recommend that you carefully read these Folcin Review before making any decision. The site is a scam. We cannot however comment on its validity as it is still only a few days old. Therefore, all potential buyers should wait for truthful information before placing an order through this online portal.

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