Fusalage Reviews – Legitimacy assessment by Fusalage

Do you love to decorate your journals and notes with colorful stationery? Are you tagged by your friends in stationery-loving posts on social media? This website sells only stationery products and has more customers from the United States. This article will review the Fusalage Reviews.

The Fusalage Shop

This website sells a variety of heart-warming stationery products, appealing not only to school students but also to older people. This website is dedicated to satisfying the unique needs of its customers. We can see that through their incredible products.

They also offer stationery products

  • Spiral notebooks (Printed. Cartoon Theme. Unicorn Theme. Flamingo. Marble. Random Girl. Letter Themed. Painting. Universe etc.
  • There are many types of pencil cases
  • Sticky notes
  • Do not forget to pack your bag
  • Pencil holders and pencil holders in a variety of models
  • Large pencil bags


Is Fusalage Legit? It is not a good idea to judge a book by its cover. The same principle applies to websites. Websites are not valid if they have no outside validation. They must be analyzed using their specifications.

  • Customers can shop at http://fusalage.com/
  • Email Address: [email protected] It seems like a personal email id.
  • Telephone number: They haven’t given the number
  • Contact Address: 344-354 gray’s Inn Road, London, Greater London.
  • Social media activity: They include the icons for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. However, none of these links work. They are therefore not active.
  • Customer reviews for Fusalage Review are not available
  • Originality of content: Only 30% is original
  • Privacy policy: They have provided detailed privacy policy details
  • Shipping Policy: Orders over 29 dollars qualify for free shipping. It will take approximately 12 to 20 business days to receive your order. Customers who want faster delivery options must pay an additional fee.
  • Customers can return their product within 14-days of delivery. It should still be in the original packaging.
  • Customer can return their product after inspecting it.
  • PayPal and cards are available as payment options

Fusalage Review is not available. This website does not have the ability to provide any information. It needs further analysis.

Positive highlights

  • Free shipping for customers who spend over $29
  • You can get discounts up to 30% to 20%
  • It looks very appealing.

Negative highlights

  • The content of their about us section does not match the products they sell.
  • Some information is not clear.
  • We do not have customer reviews.
  • They falsely claimed their social media presence.
  • Their products seem to be more expensive than standard stationery products. They sell regular notebooks at 20 dollars, for example.

Legitimacy assessment by Fusalage

Is Fusalage Legal To provide an accurate answer, we must analyze the technical parameters of this website. This allows us to prove the legitimacy of the website.

  • Domain age: The Fusalage website was established on 26 July 2022.
  • Domain expiry date: The domain will expire 26 July 2023. Minimal domain life
  • Name of the registrar: The website was registered under Alibaba computing limited
  • Data safety: HTTPS is used to offer data encryption services. It can be detected
  • It has only scored 2 % in the Trust Index of the Website
  • Alexa ranking not available
  • Fusalage Review: No reviews have been submitted.
  • SEO Score: It has a score of 36 %
  • Plagiarism content: 66%
  • Company name: Hymax company ltd.

Summary Of Reviews

Fusalge’s website doesn’t have any reviews. Surprisingly, they don’t allow users to rate or review a product. The comments and ratings for fusalage products are not available on any of the internet pages. There are also no reviews. This website does not appear to be legitimate.


Fusalage Review performed the required analysis of the site. This website is not legit due to its low trust score and poor SEO score. We couldn’t find any reviews about their products.

They also plagiarized a lot of their content. It fails to prove its legitimacy, so it is important to be more aware of this website.


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