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Ghanim is a popular candidate for a search after appearing alongside Morgan Freeman at the opening ceremony of the Qatar world Cup.

Are you familiar with Ghanim al Muftah? Why is he so sought-after? Ghanim is a unique individual. Ghanim is Worldwide renowned for his passion and refusal of giving up on nature, despite the many obstacles he has had to overcome. To learn all, you can read Ghanim Al Muftahwikipedia up to the end.

GhanimEl Muftah – Cause of Death:

Ghanim is still healthy and active. Ghanim is just 20 years old and has accomplished many things already. He is the youngest entrepreneur. He is looking forward to many other things in his future. Ghanim is an example of inspiration. Ghanim isn’t wishing for anything bad in his life. This is what motivates many people living with disabilities. Ghanim is an accomplished swimmer, hiker and footballer. He also enjoys Scooba diving, as well as many other activities. Muftah, 20 years old, wants to become a Paralympian.

Is Ghanim Al Muftah married?

He is not married. He is not married to his girlfriend.

Ghanim’s parents- father, mother, siblings:

Ghanim was the son of Eman Al Muftah, and Mohammad Al Muftah. Ahmad is his twin brother. He was the first person to be born with CDS.

Wikipedia: Ghanim Al Muftah Wikipedia. What’s the deal with?

People are curious to find out more about Ghanim El Muftah Wikipedia. Morgan Freeman was his cohost at the FIFA World Cup Qatar Opening Event. Ghanim shared a message of acceptance and diversity with the audience.

Ghanim shared with the crowd his inspirational story. His stories are inspiring and motivating. Ghanim has inspired many people with disabilities. Ghanim has demonstrated that regardless of the circumstances, you can still achieve your goals if we think hard.

Ghanim, who is just 20 years old, has a net worth of $1.5 million. Ghanim is the founder and ambassador of Gharissa. He is also a motivational speaker, YouTuber, and FIFA World Cup Ambassador.

Ghanim’s Wikipedia:

Ghanim Mohammed Al Muftah Nickname unknown Professional Founder of Gharissa Ice cream Youtuber Motivational Speaker, FIFA World Cup ambassador Age 20 Born 5 May 2002 Birthplace unknown Mother Eman Mohammed Al Muftah Education Pursuing Degrees in Political Science Siblings Ahmad Unmarried Net Worth $1.5M Height Unknown

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Ghanim Education Qualification Wiki:

Ghanim continues his undergraduate degree as a political science student in order to be a Paralympian or Prime Minister of Qatar. He is optimistic and believes that his future is bright. If he works at the same speed as before, he will be able achieve any goal.


Morgan freeman accompanied Ghanim al Muftah (20 years old). Ghanim has a caudal reduction syndrome. Ghanim doesn’t have any lower body areas, but he is passionately interested in life. This link provides more information about Ghanim Al Muftah.


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