Habtes Reviews – Summary of the reviews

Do you believe that money can’t buy happiness? Sometimes money can be disguised as home delivery. Some products can be beneficial to our environment. The World is shifting to online shopping. One such website sells beautiful homes that can beautify your home. Habtes Reviews.

Information about the website

The habtes websites were founded by a group of young professionals. They believe the internet will change how people shop and that it will bring them closer. They decided to sell household items online at a reasonable price. They claim to be a customer-centric website.

Habtes products include:

Lightings: Solar-powered garden lights. Led color-changing solar lights. Decorative lights. Lower lights. Wind chime lights. Waterproof lights.

Items for the home (Utensils storage and picture frame holder, door stickers and decorative items, clothes drying stand mat, cloth hangers, etc.

Kitchen items

There are also miscellaneous items like electric bikes.


Are Habtes Legit. Trust is hard to break and harder to earn, but the legitimacy of a website earns customers’ trust. We can determine this by looking at the specifications

  • Customers can shop at https://habtes.com
  • Email address: ha[email protected]
  • Telephone number: They have not given the number to contact.
  • Contact address: suite 1042, balmoral industrial estate. Abbey lands south, Navan, c15 DD72, Ireland.
  • Social media activity: They have not volunteered to join any social media forums. This means they are inactive on social networks
  • Originality of content: 100%
  • Privacy policy: They have provided detailed policy details that are customer-centric.
  • Habtes Reviews: Customer reviews are not available at their official website.
  • Free Shipping Policy: Orders over 39.99 USD are eligible for free shipping Express delivery is more expensive. It takes between 10 and 25 days for the product to be delivered. Currently, they ship to North America.
  • All customers have the right to return their product within 14 days after delivery. All returned items will be sent to China
  • Customer can request a refund within 21 days of receiving their original payment method.
  • PayPal and card payment options

Habtes Review is not available for any product. This website seems suspicious. It needs additional evaluation.

Positive highlights

  • It is simple to find the product you are looking for because all their products have been sorted properly.
  • They are able to sell products that are carbon neutral, which means they have a lower carbon footprint. They have also donated their services to help save the environment.

Negative highlights

  • Some products may offer unbelievable discounts
  • There are no customer reviews.
  • Their return address was in China, while their founding company is located in Ireland. Their address was suspicious.

Legitimacy assessment

Are Habtes Legit? If a website is legitimate, it should be able to win the customer’s confidence. Then, they will buy the products with confidence, which will eventually lead to increased sales. It is important to prove its legitimacy in order to gain trust.

  • Domain age: The habtes website was launched on 23/06/2022. The current age of the domain is therefore less than 2 months
  • Domain expiry date: The habtes website will expire 23/06/2023. , very short domain expectancy life
  • Name of the registrar: The website was registered under Alibaba computing Ltd
  • Data safety: A valid SSL and HTTPS certificate is required to protect your data
  • Habtes Reviews: Customer reviews are not available
  • Trust index for the website:25%
  • SEO Score for the website:60
  • Alexa ranking: 2379122
  • Plagiarism content: 0 %
  • Name of the company: Fadel Beatty ltd

Summary of the reviews

We could not find any comments or reviews on the product based on our research and other online sources. They also have a section on hot selling on their website. However, even under the “hot sells” section, we could not find any reviews.

Their illegal nature is evident by the fact that they have not received customer reviews. This website does not appear to be legitimate. This Credit Card Scam is available for readers.

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