Himachal Pradesh Election Vikramaditya willing to vacate seat?

  • Himachal Pradesh Elections Results Updates: Jai Ram Thakur, Chief Minister, resigns to Governor

    After the Congress had passed the 35-member majority threshold in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections election, Jairam Thakur, the outgoing chief minister and BJP leader, came to Raj Bhavan to resign.

    Himachal Pradesh Elections Results: Rahul Gandhi thanks Himachal people and promises that ‘all his promises will be fulfilled’

    Congress leader Rahul Gandhi expressed sincere gratitude to the people of Himachal Pradesh and said that “all promises will be fulfilled”.

    “We are grateful to the people of Himachal Pradesh and their decisive victory. All Congress leaders and workers deserve our sincere congratulations. We are very grateful for your hard work and dedication. RahulGandhi tweeted Hindi, “I assure you again that every promise to the public will come true at the earliest possible.”

    Congress’ Pratibha Sing is not worried about poaching

    Pratibha V. Singh, President of Himachal Pradesh Congress, said that he was very moved by the results. He stated, “It’s a very emotional moment because I can see the same support from peoples as for late Virbhadra Sing.” We are not concerned about poaching and Chandigarh is an easily accessible point for MLAs.

    Son Vikramaditya will give up his seat to mother Pratibha Singh in order to be CM

    Vikramaditya Sing, the son and former chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, is currently serving as Congress MLA from Shimla Rural. He stated that he would love to see his mother, Pratibha Singh (state Congress president), serve as chief minister. He even offered to give up his seat in order to make this happen. Vikramaditya Sing defeated Ravi Kumar Mehta (BJP candidate) by 13,860 votes to keep his seat.

    Vikramaditya stated, “As a son, I would love to see my mom as chief minister. But the decision in this regard is up to the winning candidates and high command.” Vikramaditya said that the party’s father’s legacy helped it get a clear mandate.

    Himachal Pradesh Elections Results Updates: Vikramaditya, former CM Virbhadra Sing, retains seat

    Vikramaditya Sing, a Congress MLA from Shimla Rural and the son former chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, won his seat by a margin 13860 votes.

    Cong President Mallikarjun Kharge thanked people, party workers and for the Himachal result

    “We won Himachal Elections. This result is possible because of the efforts of our workers and leaders. I also want to thank Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Yodo Yatra for their assistance. Sonia Gandhi’s blessings also are with us,” ANI reported, quoting Kharge.

    Himachal Pradesh Elections Results: Cong’s Dhani Raj Shandil defeats son in-law and BJP candidate Rajesh Kashyap

    Dhani Ram Shandil, a veteran Congress leader, has retained his Solan seat at Himachal Pradesh. He defeated Rajesh Kashyap, his closest BJP rival. Kashyap was defeated by Shandil, who won 3,858 votes.

    Himachal Pradesh Elections Results: BJP’s Sarveen Chudhary loses Shahpur Seat

    Sarveen Chaudhary, a minister in Himachal Pradesh, lost the Shahpur seat at Kangra to Congress candidate Kewal Sing Pathania by 12,243 votes.

    Himachal Election Results: Congress Will Hold Meeting of Newly-elected HP LPAs

    Congress will hold a meeting in Chandigarh of all newly elected MLAs from Himachal Pradesh after declaring results today. The meeting is likely to adopt a resolution authorizing Congress president to elect CLP Leader, according to AICC in charge state Rajeev Shkla.

    Himachal Election LIVE Result: Congress wins 16 and leads in 23 seats ## Himachal Election ## Results: Congress wins 16, leading in 23 Seats

    Himachal Election Results LIVE: We’ll analyze our shortcomings and improve during this term: Outgoing CM Jairam Thakur

    Himachal Election Results: Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur claims that the Congress has nothing else to fear from BJP

    Concerns about horse-trading are addressed by CM Jai Ram Thakur, who says Congress has itself to be afraid. He refers to factionalism within the state Congress, and possible jockeying for the chief ministerial post


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