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Are you a fan of football or follower or is a huge football fan? If yes, then you need to be looking forward to the coming qualifier games to make sure that national teams in the world’s most well-known global football competition.

The fans and supporters of national teams such as Canada as well as teams from Canada and the United States are very excited about these matches because they play a crucial role in helping their teams to participate at the forthcoming major international event. Check out the article for more details about the Concacaf World Cup Qualifying Work.

About FIFA 2022 WC Qualifiers

In accordance with the rules and rules of FIFA The national teams are required to participate in qualifying games and meet the qualifying criteria in order to be eligible for the 2022 World Football cup. This FIFA qualifiers are classified according to continents in addition, the quantity of players who are able to qualify from a particular continent differs in line with.

Teams that are selected from these teams are chosen for groups stage games, which will be played in 2022 WC matches. Team members of those on the North American continent have to be able to qualify through playing CONCACAF qualifiers that are held between March 2021 and March 2022.

How Does Concacaf World Cup Qualifying Work ?

  • There are 35 countries that are a part within the CONCACAF.
  • Round, which is one in the qualification stage, is comprised of six groups. the winner of each of the six groups moves on onto the subsequent stage.
  • Round two is comprised of matches between the previous round’s winners and, of six teams, the three teams that won qualify for the next round.
  • The three teams that have won compete against the top FIFA team from CONCACAF. They play against one another as well as the three teams that are top teams are able to qualify directly.

Revised Schedule

  • Window 1 for the first round runs from 24th March through 31st March, 2021. Learn more about the Concacaf World Cup Qualifying Work .
  • Window 2 in the first round will run from 2nd until 8th June 2021.
  • Second and first part of the round are set for 12th June 2021 as well as 15th June 2021respectively.
  • The third round will begin from the 2nd of September 2021 until the 30th of March 2022.
  • Matchday 3 is scheduled for 2nd September through August 8th, 2021.
  • Matchday 4 and 5 is scheduled for 7th September until 13th September 2021.
  • The matchdays 7 and 8 will be played between November 8th until 16th November 2021.
  • Matchday 9-12 will be played between the 27th of January to 2nd February 2022. Know on How Does Concacaf World Cup Qualifying Work.

Matchday 12-14 is scheduled to take place from March 24th until 30th March 2022. After the completion of qualifying games on the 14th matchday All the official lists of teams that can be part of the 2022 soccer world cup, scheduled set to take place in Qatar will be released.


Qualifiers are crucial for a team’s national team since they help them earn qualified for the next Football World Cup. To find out more information about the subject go to

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