How often should you feed chickens a day?

Most conventional and urban farms benefit from having chickens. They aid in pest management and produce a large number of eggs, which many people sell or give away. 

Chickens are natural foragers, so they’ll gladly spend a full day looking for anything to eat. Chickens can consume a variety of foods, allowing you to feed them a balanced diet as well as enjoyable treats. You can buy chicken feed for sale in the market.

Here’s everything you need to learn about chicken feeding!

Chickens: What to Feed Them

It doesn’t have to be difficult to feed your hens! Chickens aren’t generally fussy eaters, so stopping them from consuming foods they shouldn’t is likely to be more difficult than finding items they will eat. A well-balanced diet will boost your energy levels.

Commercial Feed: 

The foundation of your birds’ diet should be commercial poultry pellets. These pellets are designed to match the nutritional requirements of hens, ensuring that they obtain all they require without needing to forage. 

This is especially crucial for hens that can’t walk freely in a broad area because food may be scarce in such a small space. Calendula seeds, barley, and wheat are commonly used in commercial feeds.

Seeds and Grains:

Sunflower seeds, oatmeal, maize, and boiled rice are all wonderful alternatives for hens to consume. Just eat them in moderation because they’re nutrient-dense.

Chickens will consume broad-leaved weeds such as dandelions, as well as grasses such as clover and Kentucky bluegrass.


Bananas, peach cores and scrapes, melons, grapes, and other non-citrus fruits, are wonderful possibilities for chicken treats. Because apple seeds contain minor levels of cyanide, it’s preferable to extract nuts from apple cores before feeding.


Chickens love vegetables and will happily eat both whole and peeled vegetables. Asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers, bell peppers, and a variety of other vegetables are all fine to eat with chicken. Feeding your hens raw potatoes and peelings, and other nightshades can make them sick. Vegetables can be fed every day.


Mealworms come in dried and live versions, so you may feed your hens whichever you choose. They’ll eat either of them, though!

How Often Should Chickens Be Fed?

Ideally, divide your chicken’s meal into two portions each day. If you’re at home throughout the day, you may even split the meal into three or four smaller portions. Chickens prefer short, regular meals compared to massive, once-a-day meals. Snacks and crumbs can be thrown on the floor to provide an edifying hide-and-seek match for your chickens. 

It’s better to nourish the chickens their granules in a graze trough of a certain sort for easy cleaning, but snacks and offcuts can be tossed on the floor to provide an edifying hide-and-seek match for your chickens. Just be careful not to overfeed, or you can wind up with rotten food.

One of the biggest advantages of giving small meals twice a day is that it reduces the chance of pests being attracted to food left in the feed trough. You can get chicken feed for sale.

Feeding your hens may be enjoyable for both you and them. They’re inquisitive creatures who will like trying new cuisines. 

Feeding may even be made fun by offering a dangling head of lettuce for any of them to nibble at or a cube of freezing fruits and vegetables to keep them cool in the heat. What matters most is that your hens are healthy and content! And the fun fact is, you can buy chicken feed for sale.

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