How Safe Are Sanitary Pads?

The menstrual cycle is a significant part of a woman’s life. Menstruation is a normal bodily process in a female body where blood and other associated matters are released from the body. The release happens from the uterus through the vagina. 

This monthly cycle occurs in billion-plus females. A large number of women buy sanitary pads online, and mostly every woman and teenage girl relies largely on sanitary pads during this period. 

Several sanitary pad brands in India offer some of the best options, making the periods comfortable for women. Also, there are several options to buy sanitary pads online. Sanitary pads are considered to be the best friend of every woman. 

It gives them freedom and protects them during the uncomfortable days of the month. Women use these sanitary pads every month, but have you ever considered whether sanitary pads are safe? This article focuses on how safe is sanitary pads for women.

The benefits of sanitary pads:

  • The bad odor gets locked

The bad odor during the periods is a common problem faced by all. During this situation, the sanitary napkins become a big savior from the unwanted foul smell. So along with absorbent power, the sanitary pads help in keeping refreshed with fragrance. Some best pads for periods in India are beneficial for women in today’s age.

  • 2. Safeguard against stains

The concept of a pad is an old one. Previously women used clothes during the period cycle later, which transformed into the current pads with an absorbing power. This absorbent powder helps women from getting stained. The best pads for periods give every woman a level of freedom.

  • 3. Easy to use

Unlike other products for menstrual hygiene, such as menstrual cups and tampons that need to be inserted into the vagina, the pads are easy to be used and dispose of. There are several options available for sanitary pads online to choose from.

The risk factors are:

  • Cancer-causing

There are several reasons for cancer. However, a study has shown that the fiber in the absorbent pads has a high probability of causing cervical cancer. In addition, if you are using pads every single month, the chemicals in those pads gradually accumulate in your body and may threaten your reproductive after a certain time. 

These chemicals, such as BPA (bisphenol A) and BPS (bisphenol S), over time, may complicate embryonic development. Prolonged use of these plasticizers may even cause organ damage.

  • It May contain dangerous pesticides and herbicides

Sanitary pads are made from cotton. It is well known that pesticides and herbicides are sprayed on all crops. These pesticides and herbicides stay in the cotton even after they are processed for the sanitary pads. 

As the pads stay in contact with one of the most sensitive parts of the body, the pesticides and the herbicides may cause damage to the skin as well as the body as a whole. When in contact with the body for a longer period, pesticides and herbicides even cause cancer.

  • Dioxin – environmental pollutant

Even though the pads are handy for women, they are environmental pollutants. The sanitary pads available nowadays contain Dioxin. Dioxin is a chemical whose short exposure causes altered liver function and skin darkening. However, when used for a longer period, it might cause health hazards like hormone disinfection, pelvic inflammatory disease, immune system damage, ovarian cancer etc.

To ConcludeSo now you have an idea of the benefits and risk factors. From now onwards, when you buy sanitary pads online, keep them in the account to look for the ones that do not contain risk factors. It is always advised to choose cotton sanitary pads free from chemicals.

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