How to Cut, Light, and Smoke a Cigar

When smoking a cigar alone at a fancy lounge or with your friends, it is vital to look like you know what you’re doing. Besides, you’ve got to take full advantage of it.

Also, it’s essential to do everything correctly to ensure you enjoy your time smoking your cigar. After all, the maker created it for your utmost convenience and amusement.

How to Cut a Cigar

It would be best to be mindful of the first critical step to start smoking: how to cut a cigar. Before you do anything else, you have to cut your cigar correctly. It may seem a simple phase, but there are a lot of slip-ups that you may make trying to cut your cigar.

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First, make sure to locate the cap. Cigars have a lid typically visible as a somewhat rounded part of a leaf. It keeps all aspects of the cigar together. The top is a small piece of tobacco covering the end of the cigar. 

Second, moisten the cigar head. Just wet the cap in your mouth before cutting it. It helps you cut the cap smoothly. 

In most cases, cheaper cigars may not have a well-placed cap. That’s why it’s highly recommended to use this technique that experts usually do in cutting a cigar’s cap.

How to Light a Cigar

Take a moment to puff on the tobacco before lighting. This puffing technique is known as the dry, raw, pre-light step. In addition, it lets you taste the cigar cold to reveal aromas and the initial flavor that you may experience as you continue smoking.

The main point of adequately lighting and toasting a cigar is to avoid burning it unevenly. Every cigar enthusiast appreciates a cigar that burns suitably from start to finish. 

The best way to do it is by toasting the cigar’s foot and creating an even light. But why should you toast your cigar?

The main purpose of toasting your tobacco is to fire all its parts, such as filler, binder, and wrapper. If you fail to toast appropriately, you will only ignite the stuffing, and you’ll never fully appreciate the flavor that comes from the wrapper.

Plus, it could lead to an uneven burn. Isn’t it inconvenient?

Also, if the wrapper isn’t lit properly, when you draw on the cigar, the inner part of the cigar may burn, but not the outer. This is called tunneling. Tunneling can happen from improper lighting, in addition to improper storage and from drawing too often on the cigar.

To light your cigar correctly, first, hold the cigar close enough to the fire source with an angle of about 40 to 60 degrees to get the foot glowing. Many cigar aficionados prefer using a torch lighter to initiate the burn and control it.

Second, don’t forget to not let the flame touch the cigar at the foot. Then, carefully rotate the cigar until the foot begins burning.

Third, don’t overheat your cigar. Position the cigar slightly above the flame as you toast the foot.

Fourth, the perfect look should be an even orange and red glow of a burning cigar. If you apply more heat to its foot, black spots form quickly. Just lightly blow on the foot of the cigar gently to avoid overheating your cigar.

Fifth, make sure to finish toasting by allowing it to sit for about a minute. The idea is to light the wrapper, binder, and filler. After that, start your first puff.

How to Smoke a Cigar

There are techniques to avoid compromising your satisfaction while smoking your favorite cigar.

The first step is to choose a cigar for your smoking session. If you’re not familiar with the numerous shapes, sizes, countries of origins, and flavor profiles yet, don’t hesitate to ask a friend for recommendations or rely on the advice of a professional retailer or a friend with experience.

As a suggestion, start with a relatively mild and remarkable quality cigar. Besides, it may be overwhelming to smoke tobacco that’s too full-bodied. The high nicotine level may be too much to handle for newer smokers, causing them to get nauseous.

Beginners should choose a mild cigar from a list of the best cigars by Scotch & Cigars or Cigar Aficionado.

One of the critical things to consider is storage conditions. Try rolling a cigar between your fingers. It should release a faint crackling sound. That means proper storage has a humidity range between 65 and 70 percent.

The techniques mentioned above in lighting a cigar are helpful, too. Remember that exposing the tobacco to the flame from only one angle may cause an uneven burn.

It’s a long-standing knowledge to smoke cigars similar to a refined drink. It’s comfortable to do it that way and best for your health.

Here are some steps to smoking a cigar without inhaling.

Enjoy slow, gentle puffs.

Upon smoking, savor the smoke by allowing it to float across your palate. By doing it gently, you’ll have the best experience. After that, enable the smoke to blow back out your mouth without breathing in. 

Purse your lips with a small opening and slowly release the smoke through your mouth.

Don’t puff too quickly on a cigar. The idea is to smoke about one puff per minute.

Aside from that, you can try retro-haling a cigar. Retro-haling isn’t recommended for beginners, but worth trying out when you’re prepared to do it.

Retro-haling pushes smoke to the back of the mouth. Then, it pushes up the sinuses to exhale out of the nose. You can use the sensitive aromatic receptors in your nasal passage that connects the divide between taste and smell.

Lastly, many suggest that you should smoke a cigar when three-finger-widths are left. However, it’s best to smoke until you feel satisfied with it.

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