How To Hatch Manaphy Egg – How to Access the Mystery Gift?

If you’re a fan of in the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl You are probably aware of the importance of hatching special eggs that are part of the game. If you’d like to obtain Manaphy within the game, your only option is to hatch Manaphy eggs.

Manaphy Eggs are simple to find as well as the Mystery Gift available on the main menu of the game helps find the eggs. But, the eggs are only available for a brief period of time and the gift will end after the 21st of February, 2022.

Therefore, Worldwide gamers are eager to learn how to hatch a Manaphy Egg in the game, before it goes extinct.

What are Manaphy Eggs?

Manaphy Eggs are blue eggs that contain Manaphy, the Legendary Pokemon, Manaphy. The eggs are accessible through various game spin-offs as well as during game events.

Manaphy Eggs are items offered in game events, and they allow players to gain access to Manaphy, the Legendary Pokemon Manaphy. At first, the eggs born using a code unique to the Ranger series. The eggs can be transferred into Gen IV. Gen IV game and then hatch.

However, there are certain steps needed to hatch the eggs and this post outlines the steps below. Keep reading to learn about the steps required to hatch Manaphy Eggs.

How to Hatch Manaphy Egg – The Easy Steps

The Manaphy Eggs hatch through The Mystery Gift option that in the main menu in the game. There are a couple of easy steps that all players must follow in order to hatch the Manaphy Eggs.

  • Start your online game Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl
  • Play the game, then start”X. “X” Menu
  • Select”Mystery Gift,” then click on the “Mystery Gift” option in-game menu
  • Click on”Via the Internet” and click on “Via the Internet” option
  • Pick from the Manaphy eggs from the gift listing
  • The eggs hatch and the game is saved following that

Here are the steps to follow on How to hatch Manaphy Egg. The only way to obtain the Manaphy eggs is through the Mystery Gift option in-game menu. Once you have completed the procedure and hatch the eggs, you’ll be able to stroll with the eggs and then Manaphy will be included in the Pokedex.

Be aware that Manaphy Eggs are the only time bonus in the game that will be available until the 21st of February 2022. This means that you need to create the Manaphy Eggs prior to the deadline to obtain them.

How to Access the Mystery Gift?

As you are aware, how to hatch a Manaphy Egg, let us discover the steps needed for unlocking this Mystery Gift.

  • After defeating the Roark and gaining the first badge at Oreburgh City, players have to go to Jubilife City
  • Meet the Galactic team!
  • Take on the team Lucas and Dawn
  • Talk to random NPC and then transfer towards Jubilife TV Station
  • Connect to male NPC on the third floor, and select”Everyone Happy Wi-Fi Connection “Everyone happy Wi-Fi connection.”
  • Then, you’ll be able to find an option called the Mystery Gift option in the main menu for the game.

Wrapping It All

Manaphy is the mythical water Pokemon which is only accessible through Manaphy Eggs. Therefore, follow the instructions to How to hatch a Manaphy Egg to get eggs that will unlock Manaphy, the Legendary Pokemon in the game.

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