How to turn your garage into a home cinema- The Ultimate Guide

In most houses, a garage is an ideal place to transform into a home cinema, it is usually located at a place where there is not much interference of household activities and it also gives a dark and ambient feel if decorated according to a proper cinema. Doing this lets you watch movies in a thrilling environment or you can call up your friends for some video games. Setting up a budget for your garage transformation would be the first thing on your list. Renovating a garage mostly costs you a lot lesser than proper house renovations depending upon the quality of furniture and equipment that you use.

Windows are not a must when it comes to a home cinema. However, if you place one in the room it would help with the ventilation and by placing blackout blinds you could customize it later on according to your desires. 

  1. The structure and permission for renovations:

It is a wise step to check if your garage is in a good condition and does not need any money on repairs and maintenance because your budget may get disturbed highly. Show your garage to a contractor or surveyor so they get an idea of how to make changes according to the dimensions. You might need to check the ventilation, heating as well as insulation. Permissions are not required when converting your garage in your house to a home cinema considering that there are no steps taken against the policies and it is constructed according to the blueprints of the house. Only listed properties would have to tackle due to the limitations imposed on them.

  1. Garage clear-out sales:

To get this work done, you would need to get rid of all the junk and trash in your garage, some of the old accessories, which you want to keep, can be moved to the attic and the rest could be sold out in a garage sale helping out in your budget a bit. It would be worth removing the old table tennis table and watching the world-cup finals on the big screen.

  1. Go for deep clean processing:

Considering that your garage is in a messy condition, you would need deep cleaning equipment to wash the dirt and residue off the floor and walls. The walls might need a re-paint, so a paintbrush could get handy as well. Different kinds of stains would be home to the garage such as oil stains, which would be a lot difficult to remove so it is preferred to try authentic cleaning remedies according to the specific surface either walls or the floor so it is not damaged. This deep cleaning will bring up a shine in the garage and it will be ready for the next step, which will be the conversion.

  1. Check what you need for floors and walls:

Walls and floors are the main elements of any room either in a house or in a commercial building. To manage the floor of the garage, you will first need to efficiently clean and then seal it with a concrete sealer, as it is one of the quickest and most convenient to apply. Concrete stains have a similar result due to having some advanced pigments in the formula. The paint for the garage floor would be available in different colors of your choice, and the rubber tiles would be much more durable for the floor in the garage. 

The walls of the garage would similarly be renovated systematically. Firstly, they would be washed and rested to air dry. Finally, they would be painted with a double or triple coated spray gun or a roller, whichever would suit the surface well.

  1. Replace furniture and make it cinema like:

The supreme choice for comfortable cinema seating would be a leather armchair, sofa, or recliner. They come in premium seating and are not even offered in most of the cinemas so being considered a luxury, they will cost you a lot. You can get this furniture online on different websites or you can approach a junk shop and buy second-hand sofas from them at a considerably cheaper price.

  1. Get the home cinema screen:

At last, you would require the technical equipment for your cinema, which would include a large and flat tv screen and well as high-quality sound systems. Ideally, a wall-mounted screen big in size would do the trick supported by 11-12 premium speakers. The installation would be a test, as a cinema should be free of any kind of distractions including the TV wiring, which should have hidden cables, and the speakers that would thus be set up on the roof or in the corners to be out of sight, only the screen should be insight. A projector would be required to display the desired visuals at an even larger premise. Then you would need a reliable internet and cable TV connection to watch all the best movies and what not either online or the cable, the big matches, and holidays classics. For this, you can check out Mediacom, with seamless internet connectivity, and Mediacom Cable for a great channel lineup and all the best movies and shows to make your cinema experience much more than just about movies.

It might seem like a lot of effort and hard work, which it is as well; but all worth the energy when you will be able to enjoy the cinematic experience at the ease of your home.

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