Howard Hamlin Wiki ( may 2022 ) – Why is Howard Hamlin Trending?

This article reviews Howard Hamlin’s Wiki and provides more information about the character twists in Howard Hamlin.

Are you currently watching the Season 6 of Better Call Saul? If so then you are fascinated by the character of Howard Hamlin, played by Patrick Fabian.

After the film’s release, Better Call Saul, Patrick Fabian the actor in the role of Howard Hamlin, is gaining lots of attention across the United States. People are eager to learn the details about Howard Hamlin’s Wiki as well as his personal life, his marriage, Mandy Fabian, and more. In this article, we’ll discuss Howard Hamlin’s life and the reason he is trending.

Why is Howard Hamlin Trending?

The installment 7 of Better Call Saul season six has received a lot of attention from the media. The fans however were shocked by his character’s performance in the season’s final episode. According to the reports, Patrick Fabian’s character, Howard Hamlin, will leave the show in the near future. Jimmy McGill & Lalo Salamanca played in the role of Bob Odenkirk & Rhea Seehorn and are shown murdering him in a bloody way.

The episode has also astonished fans who appear to be enjoying Better Call Saul Howard’s Hamlin change in personality at the middle. We’ll get into the plot for the entire episode during the following section. After that, we’ll look at the reactions of fans as well as Patrick Fabian’s reaction.

More information on Howard Hamlin’s Cold Blooded murder

  • Howard is deeply unhappy with his performance and he tries to find Kim and Jimmy to have a meeting.
  • However, Lalo soon arrives at the house and the plot turns.
  • Howard is brutally murdered by a woman who shoots him in the head.
  • Additionally, as Howard is soaked by blood, on the floor, Lalo addresses Kim & Jimmy and invites them to join in for the conversation, as per reports.

Before we get to know more about Howard Hamlin Wiki fan reactions, let’s look at Patrick Fabian’s reaction Howard Hamlin’s passing.

What Did Patrick Fabian Have to Say Regarding Howard Hamlin Demise?

Patrick was extremely emotional during filming for the final season on Better Call Saul. Fabian has since spoken about Howard’s passing, and recalled the moment he was hit by a serious stomach-smack.

Fabian said in an interview to Hollywood Reporter that the finale marked a drastic change, he explained.

The newspaper also reported that he discovered his character’s death prior to the time that the sixth season began filming. He also kept the story’s details to keep it from the public even his wife Mandy.

Howard Hamlin Wiki The fan reactions

The conclusion of Patrick’s character was well appreciated by the fans. The fans are expressing their sadness over the loss and death of Howard here. Additionally, many have written RIP for his work on social media, and are arguing the reason he died in this way. A lot of users have commented that Patrick’s performance was 10/10 during episode 7.


The brutal murder of Howard Hamlin’s character added attention for the Better Call Saul show. The fans have rated Episode 7 by giving it a rating of 10/10.


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