Is It True That Davido Son Is Alive Is davido still alive?

Although death does not spare anyone, it can leave everyone devastated if it occurs before the time expected. The size of the body directly correlates with the amount of sadness. The sadness grows as the body becomes smaller. This is what Davido experiences when he loses his three year-old son.

This is the first time you’ve heard about it. This news circulates Worldwide all over the internet. To find out if It Is True That Davido Son is Alive, read this article to the end.

Is davido still alive?

You might feel depressed, but Davido is not here anymore. He was gone forever. The internet has been engulfed by the news. Everyone grieves the loss of a child. Everyone feels sad that the child is only three years old and hasn’t seen the world yet.

Davido’s three-year-old son was named David Ifeanyi. The family had no idea of the terrible incident and it happened completely out of nowhere. Here is a link where you can find condolences for his family.

Is Davido Still Alive?

Yes, davido still exists. Many people confuse David with davido because their names are similar. David is a well-known singer from Nigeria. Although he was born in the United States of America, his roots are in Nigeria. He is loved by everyone for his African music and singing.

Many people are searching the internet for the death of Davido, and sometimes mistake him for David. However, it is important to note that davido is still alive and doing well. It was his son David who left the world.

Is it True That Davido Son is Alive What happened to him?

Davido’s son David Ifeanyi has passed away. He left this world in 2022 on the 1st of November. His life was lost when he fell into the water. David was suddenly rescued by staff who noticed him drowning in the water. However, the little boy couldn’t be saved. He was declared dead at this point.

David Ifeanyi, who had just celebrated his 3rd birthday, lost his life in terrible circumstances.

David’s Wiki, biography, and information about him:

Full NameDavid Adeji Adeleke
NicknameJr. Ifeanyi
Date of Birth20 October 2019
Is it True That Davido Son is AliveNo
Age3 Year Old
Father NameDavido Adedeji Adeleke
Mother NameChioma Rowland, Chef Chi
Known forDavido’s son
SiblingsTwo Siblings-Hailey Adeleke & Imade Aurora

Additional Information –

David was the youngest and third child of the family. Hailey and Imade were his two sisters. He is the only son of the family who everyone loves.

Chioma Avril is the mother of David and is known for being a fantastic chef.

As he was only three years old, his death broke everyone to pieces. Can anyone believe that Davido Son is Deadbut we can confirm that he is not alive.

Even in the most terrible nightmare, no parent can imagine their child’s passing. David was still alive for a while, but he went to the hospital and left everything behind.


David Ifeanyi drowns in the water and loses his life. He was found by staff, but it was too late. This article will tell you everything about David Ifeanyi’s death.

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Is it True That Davido Son is Alive FAQs:

Q1. Q1. What is the name Davido’s son?”

Davido’s son is David Ifeanyi.

Q2. Q2. Who is the first to notice the drowning child?

The child was found by the cleaning staff.

Q3. Q3. What caused his sudden death?

David drowned in the sea for a long period of time, and he lost his life.

Q4. Q4. What was David’s age at death?

David was only three years old when he died.

Q5. Q5. Who is David’s mother?”

David’s mother is Chioma (Chef Chi) Rowland.

Q6. Q6.

Davido Adeji Adeleke is the name of David’s father.

Q7. Q7.

He is not with us anymore and has been resurrected in an unplanned accident.


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