Is Ylosdn Legit or Scam Read Real Review!

Do you have an extensive list of things to buy? Do you need to purchase items for your children as well as your house and yourself? There’s a website that could be useful for you. We are talking about with its base within the United States.

The e-commerce site is quite flexible, and seems very interesting. However, first, we need to discover whether Ylosdn Legit to buy items from?

Does it have an association with Scams? Scam?

There are certain important facts to be sure to ensure the legitimacy of a website.

Let’s an in-depth look at these data regarding

  • Legal Address: address appears on Google Maps
  • Domain Age 3 Months old
  • Contact Details: Both the phone number and email address are visible as valid, however the email is an unpaid service.
  • Date of Registration: 23-07-2021
  • Information on Policies: The Policies pages are listed in the website.
  • Payment Accepted: Only PayPal will be accepted.
  • Trust Score: 1%
  • Reviews: There aren’t any reviews from Ylosdn available
  • Server Location: Unknown
  • Plagiarism Found: We’ve discovered duplicate material on the website.
  • Owners Data: This data is kept secret
  • Social Connection: It’s not available on social media

The details on this website clearly show that it is not prudent to put your trust in this online shopping site.

What exactly is is a site that operates its primary market in the south-east of Asia. It offers a variety of goods, such as Music Instruments, Doll Houses, Dresses, Shoes, Slides Machinery, and various tools. Additionally, clothing for larger sizes are available.

When we were looking for is Ylosdn Legit and if it is not we discovered that the majority of the instruments for sale on the site are second-hand instruments. Prices are generally reasonable however for second-hand items it was slightly more.

Website Specifications

  • Website Link:
  • Port Type: Portal for E-commerce that allows online shopping
  • Phone Number: It is +12054401219
  • Address: 5010 Evelyn CT, at Newport News, Virginia, 23605, US
  • Contact Email: [email protected]
  • Working Days: Monday to Friday
  • Working Hours: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Shipping Policies: site is not accountable for any damage or loss and in these cases there will be no refunds
  • reviews of Ylosdn We didn’t locate any reviews
  • Shipping Costs: $9.95 flat charges
  • Free Shipping: Available for orders over $50.
  • Other Costs: If the client’s local authority is levying any state tax, or additional charges, they must be borne by the client.
  • Refund Policy: 30 Days return policy
  • Return Charges: For the buyer
  • Refunds usually it takes 7-14 days to get a refund.
  • Payment options: Just PayPal
  • Refunds only available for damaged item
  • Cancellation: Not mentioned
  • Facebook Activity: This website does not have no social media platforms.


  • There is a shipping for free option
  • The 30 day return policy is in effect

Verify is Ylosdn Legal but with all of the drawbacks

  • The website’s policies are not oriented towards customers.
  • The company does not accept responsibility for items lost during transit
  • There aren’t any reviews that suggest the quality of the product and services.
  • The company has no social communications with its customers.
  • Exchange is only available for damaged products
  • There is only one payment option that is available

Customers’ Reaction

We were shocked to discover that despite being in the market for 3 months, the site has made no effort in making connections on social media with its customers. We are left to wonder is Ylosdn Legit at all? Before you look into these sites you must be aware of the following: the steps to Refund 100% on Credit Card Fraud.

Due to the lack of social interaction It was impossible to get any thoughts about any client. The official website, too, doesn’t allow buyers to make a comment. The quality of music instruments the instruments as well as other items on this site is not known.


It is clear that without doubt that this site for shopping is not reliable. There are a lot of suspicious and negative elements when searching for the solutions to Are Ylosdn Legit. Along with their low level of trust the very short lifespan of the domain is a sign of risk. This is the reason you should beware of everything you need to be aware of regarding the PayPal Scam .

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